Fragrance Oil VS. Essential Oils

In continuing with the ‘VS’ theme, we’ll answer one of the most common questions asked by customers looking at purchasing fragrance oils and essential oils.  You would be surprised how many people ask what the difference is.  While it may be obvious to some, many are wondering if they can purchase just one or the other.

The simple answer is, they are completely different products.  Fragrance oils are used strictly to scent a product.  For instance, if you are purchasing one of our body lotion bases, and want it to smell (the bases come unscented), then you would add approximately ½ ounce of fragrance oil to the gallon.  This will give it a healthy scent, and you can create a product that smells like a store bought brand.  Many people choose not to wear perfume or cologne, but they still want to smell good so they moisturize with a product that is scented.  Many of our fragrance oils are the same as the leading brand of bath and body products.  Mixed with our bases, you can create a product similar to the expensive store bought brands.  The fragrance oil will ONLY add scent, there are no added benefits.

This brings us to essential oils.  Essential oils often bring a scent to the product.  For instance, lavender essential oil will have a strong lavender scent.  When mixed into one of our bases, it will provide the final product with a similar fragrance as a product mixed with the lavender fragrance oil, but it will also have added benefits.  Essential oils have various properties when applied to the body.  Some essential oils will reduce redness in the skin, others can be inhaled to promote healthy digestion.  There are countless ways the oils are used outside of fragrance.  Oftentimes the essential oils are much more expensive because of the various ways they are used.  In aromatherapy, it is the essential oils that are used, NOT the fragrance oils.  Finally, when working with essentials, it is important to be more careful.  They are extremely concentrated and a few drops go a long way.  When mixing with a base, you may find that you only need a few drops for fragrance AND properties.  Furthermore, you should be careful if you are pregnant or have any sensitivity to various bath and body products.  You should consult with your primary physician before handling any concentrated oils directly.  Be sure to do your research when purchasing as well.  While Bulk Apothecary sells concentrate fragrance and pure essential oils, many companies sell diluted mixtures that won’t have the same benefits.  As always, do your research and be a smart consumer!


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