Lavender Oil For Ear Infections

Ear infections can be pretty brutal, especially for your little ones.  Essentially, it is a buildup of bacteria in the passageway between the ear and throat.  The blocked passageway occurs when the patient has a cold or flu, and can be very uncomfortable.  When this happens, you need to clean the affected area as much as possible.  A few drops of lavender oil will clean the area and prevent further buildup.  Just put 2-3 drops into the affected ear and allow it to enter while tilting your head to the side.  The anti-bacterial properties are fantastic and the scent and consistency of the oil are soothing for your child.

Finally, if you or your child is suffering from a cold or the flu and has other symptoms, be sure to use the lavender oil as much as possible.  In the shower, add a few drops before getting in and the scent will help soothe your senses.  The aromatherapy properties can be quite healing and relaxing.  There really are so many uses for the oil, so get creative and get healthy! :)

*Tip: Buy one of the pipette droppers to easily use the oils.

**This method is popular in many cultures, but often times people are fearful of working directly with essential oils.  If you would prefer not applying the oil directly to the affected ear, here are two alternative methods:

1. Put oil drops onto a cotton ball, press the cotton ball against the ear. The fumes will permeate to the affected area.

2. Apply 2-3 drops of oil to behind the ear (the mastoid bone).  Massage in a circular motion twice a day to help ease the pain.


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  1. Trisha

    Love the smell of lavender and thanks for that info on the ears!!


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