Pumpkin Seed Oil VS. Pumpkin Essential Oil

Okay, so this time of year everything is pumpkin flavored. From coffee to desserts to candles. If you’re anything like me, you can’t get enough. If you are a crafter and like to make your own goodies, you will often see ‘Pumpkin Essential Oil’ listed as an ingredient. There is no such thing as pumpkin essential oil, but there IS a product called ‘Pumpkin Seed Oil’. It is often listed as Essential Oil, or simply ‘Pumpkin Oil’. The product IS wonderful for moisturizing and has high levels of Omega 3, 6 and 9.

When purchasing, be careful what you are buying. Check out the ingredient list and see if it is mixed with other ingredients. You want it to be as pure as possible to get the perfect aromatic properties. Bulk Apothecary has Pumpkin Seed Oil available now for a limited time for all of your holiday creations. It is natural and cold-pressed. Use it for candle-making, soapmaking, room fresheners and moisturizing. I recommend adding 1/2 ounce to a gallon of massage lotion or hand and body lotion for a wonderful seasonal moisturizer.


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