Recipe: Essential Oil Capsule Cleanse!

Have you decided to start Healthy Living?

If you’ve read a magazine, turned on the TV, or surfed the internet lately, then you’re well aware that the world seems to be on a huge cleanse kick- a movement towards a healthier lifestyle. From juices, to supplements, to teas, everyone is making an effort to be more active and make healthier choices. Doing a cleanse can flush out the system and leave you with a “clean slate” so to speak. It’s a perfect way to begin your journey into clean eating and getting physically fit!

So, why should you cleanse?

Well, there are a variety of reasons and benefits to cleansing. To begin, toxins can accumulate in the body after years of eating processed foods and leading unhealthy lifestyles. These toxins can slow your metabolism, unbalance your digestive system, leave you feeling sluggish and in some cases lead to health issues. By cleansing, you can assist the body in eliminating these nasty toxins (which can include harmful bacteria like candida or other yeasts. Yikes!). Incorporating a cleanse into your routine will not only restore balance to the delicate digestive system, but will increase your energy and give you the jump start you need to begin living a healthier lifestyle!

In addition to the cleanse diets and systems available in stores, you can also reap the benefits in a more natural way with essential oils. When taken together, a few specific oils can encourage the system to purge the toxins your body has been storing.


Combine the following essential oils for a MILD cleanse (don’t worry- no scary disclaimer stating that you’ll have to park yourself next to a bathroom for the entirety of the process) that will help rid toxins and restore regularity to your digestive system. You’ll take one capsule a day for ten days. It’s also a good idea to follow your cleanse with a probiotic supplement to help inhibit the growth of bacteria and yeast (being as you just flushed them all out, you really don’t want new ones!) and support the immune system.


3 drops Tea Tree Oil (also known as Melaleuca Oil)

3 drops Lemon Essential Oil

3 drops Thyme Essential Oil

Empty Gelatin Capsules


Combine 3 drops of each oil into a single gel capsule and swallow daily with water.

Best of luck on your journey towards a healthier YOU!


**As always, please consult a physician before making any dietary changes!


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