Recipe: Shea Butter Sugar Scrub

Anyone who’s ever had a sugar scrub knows just how amazing it can feel.  Your skin will feel refreshed, clean and younger than ever before.  Below you will find an easy recipe for a shea butter scrub.  It’s a little different than the other sugar/salt scrubs on the market, but definitely worth a try.  You can alter the recipe by using different fragrance oils.  If you have a specific scent you like, try it.  Otherwise try something new.  You can even replace the fragrance oil with a few drops of essential oil for some aromatherapy benefits.  Add some lavender essential oil, light some candles, pour the wine and enjoy a spa night in your own home!


3 oz. Shea Butter Melt and Pour Glycerin Soap Base

4 oz. Refined Shea Butter

15 oz. White Sugar

1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil (Grapeseed Oil works just as well)

3-4 drops of fragrance oil (or 2-3 drops of essential oil) of choice

Loaf Pan OR Soap Mold

Wax Paper


Line your loaf pan with wax paper.  You can also make these in your soap molds, just be sure to line with wax paper or spray.

Melt the soap base.  Stir in shea butter.  Add everything but sugar.  Mix.

In a separate container, have your sugar ready.  Slowly mix the sugar into the hot mixture of shea butter.  Mix.  Pour entire mixture into loaf pan to soap molds.

Refrigerate until solid.

Remove solidified product from loaf pan or soap mold.  Carefully cut the solid product into cubes.  Put them into small jars or another airtight container.

To use the product, just take a couple cubes, wet and scrub all over.  The shea butter will moisturize, while the sugar will exfoliate.  It’s a fantastic finished product that you can give as gifts or even bring to your local spa when getting a scrub.  I always recommend bringing your own products to the fancy spas so you know what they are using.  If you bring your sugar scrub to your local spa, just ask them to use it in place of their scrub.

Enjoy! :)

As always, please send us pics of your finished product so we can show it off on the blog! Bulk Apothecary also has a wonderful selection of essential and fragrance oils to choose from to personalize the product!


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