The Zodiac Guide to Essential Oils: Gemini

We’re heading into the time of the Gemini right now. And since much of the world is experiencing a tumult of weather about this time of year in transition from winter to summer (or vice versa for those south of the equator), it seems appropriate that our series The Zodiac of Essential Oils is covering the sign of the twin-souled: Gemini. Let’s go over some of the key attributes of those born under this sign of the Zodiac.

Symbol: The Twins

Opposite Sign: Sagittarius

Colors: Yellow, Green

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Ruled by: Hands, arms, lungs



Gemini is an Air sign, which means they lend themselves well to communication, social relationships and openness to new ideas and experiences. They are mutable, adaptable and crave new sensations. Gemineans are compatible with other Air signs, such as Aquarius and Libra, though they can sometimes benefit from friendships and relationships with more grounded signs like Leo and Aquarius, who can both be a source of stability for Gemini and for whom this outgoing sign can be a source of spontaneity and inspiration for change.


A Gemini has a mutable modality, giving them an adaptability and flexibility of mind that fixed and cardinal signs lack. The energy exuded by this sign makes Gemineans communicative, extroverted and outgoing. They always find it easy to make friends and start new relationships. Their search for newness springs from a deep well of imaginative energy, which makes them at once creative, speculative and experimental.


All of that outbound energy comes at a cost for Gemini, making her or him prone to burn-out. It can be hard for someone who is constantly moving in so many directions to focus their energy or attention on one project or idea for long, and that can extend to a tendency to neglect their significant others unless they make concerted efforts to maintain a routine. Partners of Gemini are advised to focus on getting out and experiencing new things to solidify their bond.

Health Concerns

Being ruled by the lungs, it’s unsurprising that Gemini is vulnerable to respiratory ailments, particularly of the chest. Bronchitis and asthma are common manifestations of this vulnerability. Their high-energy nature also makes them prone to over-excitement and stress. Mental health is vital to this sign, because their sensitivity makes Gemineans’ anxiety, depression or anger manifest physically in a whole host of ailments.

Geminean Essential Oil: Bergamot

The essential oil of Citrus bergamia, a light yellow-green orange grown primarily in Italy, helps relieve some respiratory suffering for Gemini. It’s often used in its diluted form as a digestive aid, analgesic and even an antidepressant.

The aroma of bergamot’s essential oil, which is sweet with a hint of citrus, combines well with an array of other essential oils (like lavender oil) for aromatherapy purposes. It’s often used as a flavoring in Earl Grey tea and is even a significant ingredient in Eau-de-cologne. For respiratory treatments, burn or vaporize bergamot oil and use it as an inhalant. Aromatherapy benefits can also be achieved by blending this essential oil with hand creams, bath additives and massage-oil combinations.

Like many other citrus fruits, bergamot contains elements that could possibly increase the skin’s sensitivity to ultraviolet light, causing redness after prolonged exposure to the sun. Take care to limit your sun exposure when using bergamot essential oils in skin cream or topical treatments. You can avoid some of this by using a bergaptene-free version of the oil.

Coming Up

Gemini is followed by Cancer, so check back next month to see what health concerns that volatile, intuitive and unpredictable sign is prone to. We’ll go over the specific attributes of Cancer that relate to health and reveal the essential oil that can help bring relief for symptoms like heartburn, stomach discomfort and more.


Joel Halstead writes about natural living, essential oils and nutrition for Bulk Apothecary. When he isn’t crafting aromatherapy regimens or adding a new essential oil to his cake recipes, you can find him on the trail or on the water—bike, foot or boat.

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