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Red Currant and Cream Lotion Recipe

  As the fall months approach it’s time to tone down the summer fragrances and introduce scents that are a…

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Candy Swirl Bath Bombs Recipe

  As summer draws to an end and kids everywhere are gearing up for a brand new school year, you…

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Shea Butter Benefits and Uses

  If you’ve dabbled at all with organic alternatives to lotions and creams, or tried your hand at making your…

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Banana Cream Lip Balm Recipe

If you love bananas you’re in for a treat! This lip balm doesn’t disappoint. Aside from all of the nourishing…

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Berry Lemonade Scrub Recipe

An easy peasy recipe that smells SO good you’ll want to eat it (but don’t). Just a few simple ingredients…

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Acai Blackberry Lip Scrub Recipe

During the hot summer months it’s easy for lips to become dry and flakey. Too much sun, too little moisture…

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Back to School DIY Beauty Tips

Get A+ Hair & Skin With Back to School DIY Beauty Tips With a new school year around the corner,…

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Lemon Sea Salt Scrub Recipe

This little scrub couldn’t be easier. Just three ingredients and you’ll have the perfect kitchen hand scrub in no time….

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Where To Apply Topical Essential Oils

  View all of Bulk Apothecary’s Essential Oils HERE. 🙂     Where To Apply Topical Essential Oils