Cinnamon Cookie Diffuser Blend Recipe

Cinnamon Cookie Diffuser Blend Recipe


When I’m looking for a fragrance to make my home feel inviting and cozy, I reach for blends that smell like baked goods. Preferably ones that contain a little cinnamon for a spicy element that makes everything feel warm. Fall and winter is all about cooler days, layered clothing and comfort, so introducing fragrances that blend warm scents can fill your space with an inviting and comforting feel. Perfect for the season!


Simply add the oils to your diffuser with water (preferably distilled water) and enjoy. If you find the scent too strong for your liking, add more water. If the fragrance is too faint, add more of the oils.


You’ll Need:

5 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil

2 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil

1 drop Clove Essential Oil




Cinnamon Cookie Diffuser Blend Recipe

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