Self-Love Series: Essential Oil Aphrodisiacs

It’s the month of LOVE, and we want everyone to know the best essential oil aphrodisiacs when it comes to aromatherapy. So pour the champagne and light the (hopefully homemade) candles, because we are about to break down the best oils to get the romance blossoming!

Before we get into the oil, please note that aromatherapy works in a variety of ways. The idea is that the aroma will ignite certain feelings within. For instance, citronella oil is used as a bug repellant. The scent will chase away nasty bugs. When it comes to aphrodisiacs, the following scents are known to spark up endorphins when inhaled. These oils can be mixed into your homemade soaps, candles, or put into your diffusers to make the room smell great. When dealing with igniting the love, I recommend adding a few drops to a bath or the end of a shower. If you are flying solo, you can also put a few drops into a wet washcloth and it apply to your head for a relaxing night in. However you decide to use these oils, just note that they will put you in the romantic mood, so plan accordingly!

Jasmine Essential Oil (Absolution 3%)— This is a floral aroma, also known to fight depression as it is a mood enhancer. You will notice many of the hotels you stay at around the country use jasmine in their amenities because the smell enhances your mood, making you feel like you had a great time even if the hotel was less than stellar. Personally, it’s my favorite because it is floral, without being too feminine.

Lavender Essential Oil (Population)— Another floral aroma, this one is often thought of as the antiseptic oil, but it can be very soothing and romantic. When the scent fills the air, you are often reminded of a bouquet of flowers. It can be described as a bit more feminine than Jasmine, but it is a wonderful all-around scent nonetheless.

Bergamot Essential Oil— This oil is also known for treating depression and anxiety because it is a mood enhancer. It’s more citrus scented than the others, so if you have an aversion to floral scents, this may be your best bet! After you infuse it into your romantic night, you can use it to help treat acne and other skin disorders, so it’s versatility is definitely a plus!

Peppermint Essential Oil (Supreme)— For those that don’t want citrus or floral, try the peppermint essential oil. This is a proven aphrodisiac and a very versatile essential oil. The mint aroma will make you feel clean, and is a fantastic year-round scent in candles and soaps. The oil also has a cooling technique when applied directly, so it will make the skin cool down after a steamy night!

There are countless other essential oils that will enhance the mood! You can even mix a few to get a unique flavor. Everyone tends to react differently to scents, so try them out before your Valentine’s Day celebration. See which ones you like best so you can plan the perfect romantic evening! There are countless ways to use these oils as aphrodisiacs, so get creative! You may want to try your hand at candle making, or just purchase the oil, unscrew the top and let the scent fill the air!

Enjoy! 🙂

Essential Oil Aphrodisiacs

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