Homemade Cookie Diffuser Blend Recipe

Homemade Cookie Diffuser Blend Recipe


Is there anything better than the smell of warm cookies baking away in the oven? The scent fills every corner of the house and leaves your mouth watering for a taste. It’s sweet and cozy and inviting…and I want my house to smell like it ALL the time! But the work and the mess (and the calories!) are just too much to get me baking every single day.

So I just fill my home with the aroma instead. A few drops of each of the above oils and I can trick anyone into thinking there’s a treat in the kitchen. 🙂

Grab your oils and your diffuser and get your home smelling delicious!

Simply add the oils to your diffuser with water (preferably distilled water) and enjoy. If you find the scent too strong for your liking, add more water. If the fragrance is too faint, add more of the oils.

You’ll Need: 

3 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil

2 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil

2 drops Cassia Essential Oil




Homemade Cookie Diffuser Blend Recipe


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