Spiced Vanilla Diffuser Blend Recipe

Spiced Vanilla Diffuser Blend Recipe


Vanilla is always a perfect go-to fragrance for the home. It’s sweet without being overpowering and most people really enjoy it. With autumn upon us we’re ready for something a little warmer with a cozy feel and spiced vanilla is the perfect variation. It’s sweet and spicy and will fill your home with an aroma that will delight your senses and welcome in the season.

Simply add the oils to your diffuser with water (preferably distilled water) and enjoy. If you find the scent too strong for your liking, add more water. If the fragrance is too faint, add more of the oils.

You’ll Need: 

7 drops Sweet Orange Essential Oil

7 drops Cinnamon Essential Oil

5 drops Nutmeg Essential Oil

5 drops Vanilla Essential Oil



Spiced Vanilla Diffuser Blend Recipe


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