12 thoughts on “Sunrise Blend Recipe

  1. Is there a recipe for the wood wick scent fireside. I like this scent and use it as a diffuser, but it is so expensive. I am trying to replicate this oil.
    What kind of essential oils do i need to make this fireside scent?

    1. We don’t have a specific recipe for WoodWick’s fireside scent; however, according to WoodWick’s website, “the fragrance combines the beautiful scents of amber, vetiver, and musk.

  2. Hi, I don’t really understand how this really works. Do we have to buy all the essential oils individually to make our own? I I I don’t understand, please help me..

    Thank you so much..

    1. We do not recommend using our essential oils for lip balm, since they are not food grade; you can use the essential oils for other topical applications in other areas of the skin.

  3. How come essential oils fade so quickly.
    I’ve noticed in beard oils, and homemade skin care products, the scent is really strong at first and then the scent disappears really fast within an hour or 2 ?
    How do you make them last

    1. It is common for natural essential oils to fade quickly because they are volatile (evaporate quickly); you can try these tips to minimize the fading effect:

      1. Citrus essential oils can be blended with Litsea Cubeba Essential Oil.
      2. Patchouli Essential Oil and Anise Essential Oil can be used with other essential oils.
      3. Use Castor Oil as the base/carrier oil to stabilize the recipe, in addition to mixing the essential oils using the recommendations in 2 above (this is especially needed in soap making).
      4. Using enough essential oils that doesn’t exceed IFRA’s recommended safe usage rate.
      5. In soaps, clays can be added as they absorb the scent and will help stabilize it.

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