Thanksgiving Aromatherapy Guide

Thanksgiving is almost here. I know, I can’t believe it either. Many of you have prepped homemade soaps for your guests, so why not go the extra mile? Prepare your home with essential oils to add that extra special touch to your festivities! Below are some aromatherapy tips to make each room stand out this holiday season.

  • Masking Cooking Odors: While the smell of turkey can be delicious, there are quite a few dishes that can stink up the kitchen. I’ve tried bringing in the past and was overwhelmed by the salty aroma coming from the brine mix. If this is the case, and your kitchen is close to the area guests will be hanging in, just boil a pot of water and add a few drops of Clove Bud Essential Oil. This will mask the stink.
  • Bathroom: Guests can surely stink up a bathroom, particularly after a hearty meal. Be prepared by using Lavender Essential Oil. You can mix with dried flowers to make potpourri, or add a drop or two to a bottle of stones on top of the toilet. You can also add a drop or two to the shower/bathtub. No one will know where you are hiding the oil, they will just remember that it smells nice! Also, be sure to stock a fragrant candle in the bathroom and have it lit (when you are in the house). This way people won’t feel bad if they have to use the restroom before or after a meal.
  • General Aroma: When people walk into your home, you want them to feel comfortable and happy. You can go with a seasonal scent, like CinnamonVanilla or Clove Essential Oils. Orange Essential Oil will make people feel happy and calm, while Lemon Essential Oil will give a ‘clean’ aroma. You can mix a couple drops of oil into your table centerpieces, or mix with dried flowers for potpourri. Furthermore, you can fill up your diffusers with fresh oil before the shindig!
  • The Children’s Table: Kids can be fussy during the holidays. Scent their table centerpiece with something fruity or citrusy (Orange Citrus Essential Oil is great). Kids tend to like these types of scents, so it will keep them happy so you can enjoy the grown-up table!
  • Cleanup: Lemon Essential Oil has antibacterial properties to assist in cleanup. Just add a few drops to your cleaner or a drop to a wet rag for wiping the table/kitchen. This will kill the germs and make your smell clean.

If essential oils aren’t your thing, you can get some great fragrance oils that are seasonal. Everything from pine, balsam, Christmas blends (we love Christmas Splendor Essential Oil is a favorite), etc. Fragrance oils are great for homemade candles or making potpourri (just mix with your dried flowers). They won’t have the same aromatherapy benefits, but your guests will enjoy the scents nonetheless.

Happy Holidays! 

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