Libra: The Zodiac Guide to Essential Oils

The world of astrology is an extensive and detailed atmosphere of growth and self-discovery. Many of us have explored our astrological sign to find out that our headaches may be an influence of our star sign (Aries) while others have pruned their creative attributes (Aquarius) into who they are.

Each sign is unique and often related to specific stones, plants, colors and elements to be utilized to bring out the very best of a particular sign. One of those items to be used with a particular sign is that of essential oils. Every oil is unique to a particular zodiac sign and can help a person born under that sign experience relief from pain and sign-related health ailments.

Time to balance all you Libras out there with the power of essential oils.

Libra- Geranium

Libra women are particularly romantic and compassionate yet they are always fair and maintain a good balance between romance, work, and social life. Often friendly and outgoing, those under this sign can help reach diplomacy between two groups while keeping the peace and remaining ever charismatic.

The sign of the Libra is ruled by the kidneys and ovaries, resulting in hormonal unbalance during a menstrual cycle and an increased chance of kidney stones. However, through the use of Geranium essential oil, Libra women experience a more balanced cycle and prevent the risks of kidney stones.

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