Vitamin Spotlight: B-12


Looking for an energy boost? Maybe you just need an immune system boost? Either way, you should think about trying B-12. This popular vitamin has made waves in recent years as the supplement that does it all. Many health food stores around the country offer a B-12 shot that assists in weigh loss, immune boosting or simply a jolt of energy.

B-12 is offered in a variety of forms. The liquid version enters the system much more quickly than the tablet form. You will also find it available in packets that can be mixed with your own water/liquid choice.

In liquid form, it is best to put about 1 mL of B-12 underneath your tongue and let it remain there for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, swallow and chase with water. It works wonderfully if you take it before traveling or right after getting off of a plane. Your body is fatigued and the boost of energy and immune support works wonders for anything you might come in contact with in a germ-filled airplane.

The tablet version is especially great for those lacking their B-vitamins in their regular diet. Simply pop the vitamin with some food every day and you will ensure your body is getting the proper nutrients!

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