Made From the Heart: Amber Romance Scrub Recipe

If you’re Victoria’s Secret fan, you’ll recognize this familiar fragrance! Amber Romance has been a long-time signature scent at the store and a fan favorite.

Bulk Apothecary has a version that smells JUST like it! That means that you can whip up all sorts of body products right from your home that smell exactly like one of your store favorites!

Today I made a scrub that will leave your skin feeling like satin. Full of nourishing oils that will sink in and moisturize after the gentle exfoliation, your skin will feel like butter!

And smell like Amber Romance! 🙂

Amber Romance Scrub Recipe 2

You’ll need:

Amber Romance Scrub Recipe 3

“Our version of Victoria’s Secret” = smells like the real thing!!!

Amber Romance Scrub Recipe 4

In a large bowl, blend the salt and sugar together.

Amber Romance Scrub Recipe 5

Add both of the oils and stir well to blend being sure to scoop from the bottom so that all of the salt/sugar mix gets coated in oil.

Amber Romance Scrub Recipe 6

Stir in the fragrance oil.

Amber Romance Scrub Recipe 7

Then blend in color. I used a small amount, stirred, and then added a tiny bit more until I achieved a nice gold color.

Amber Romance Scrub Recipe 8

Scoop into a lidded jar for storage and enjoy! Gentle massage over damp skin, rinse with water, and pat dry. Rub the remaining oil into the skin for extra moisture.

With fragrance oils that smell exactly like your favorite store-bought scents, it’s easy to make your own products at home with ingredients that you know and love!

There are so many things you can make with essential oils. We also offer private label wholesale products for those times when you want someone else to do the creating. Take a look and get creative!

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6 thoughts on “Made From the Heart: Amber Romance Scrub Recipe

  1. This sounds wonderful! However, when using a preservative for this particular recipe, how much would you use?

    1. You can add the cost of the ingredients, shipping, labor, and a mark-up to determine the best price for your customers. Knowing the type of costumers you have is also very important.

      Hope this helps Rhonda!

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