Coconut Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

Coconut Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe 1


There are few things I like better than the smell of coffee. It immediately wakes up the senses and comforts the soul. Coffee blends so well with warm fragrances such as chocolate and hazelnut, but the summer months call for something a little more exotic, like coconut!

Using this scrub will make you feel like you’re coating yourself in a Mounds Bar- it smells THAT good. But the best part? It’s also good for your skin! Coffee is used in a number of skincare products to reduce the appearance of cellulite and skin imperfections. The caffeine in coffee dilates blood vessels on the surface which temporarily tightens and tones the skin, minimizing cellulite. Yes please!


Here’s what you’ll need:

1 cup Granulated Sugar

1 cup Ground Coffee

1 cup Coconut Oil (firm not melted)

1 tsp Coconut Shavings Fragrance Oil



Using an electric mixer, whip the ingredients together until creamy. Scoop into an airtight jar for storage. To use: gently massage over damp skin and rinse with warm water.




Coconut Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

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14 thoughts on “Coconut Coffee Sugar Scrub Recipe

    1. It may crush a few of the sugar granules; so, you can mix it by hand if you are concerned. Using the electric mixer at a very low setting will be faster though.

      1. The coconut butter will melt anytime it’s over 76°……
        The organic cold pressed coconut with that amazing natural scent of coconut….. I usually add some warmed Shea butter to this recipe…. after it’s cooled but not hard….. makes it just luscious:) some real vanilla essential oil or vanilla beans with it make it go just LoL over the top yummy!

      1. Anytime you use oils in the tub or shower it is absolutely essential to follow it with a daily shower cleaner or a baking soda wash!! Not doing so can cause lots of problems, like slippery surfaces and bad buildups

    1. Emulsiying wax and phenonip can possible be added to this recipe, but we do not have the exact amount. This recipe can make around 24 oz.

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