Kid Crafts: Jelly Bean Scrub

If you’re looking for a fun activity to do with the kids over spring break, or maybe you want an alternative to all of the sugar and chocolate that typically fills Easter baskets- this recipe is it!

It’s simple to make, can be done in a variety of bright colors, and can smell like your favorite fruity jelly beans!

It’s the perfect spring scrub just in time for the holiday!

Jelly Bean Scrub Recipe 2

You’ll need:

Jelly Bean Scrub Recipe 3

In a large bowl combine the sugar, sweet almond oil, and grapeseed oil.

Jelly Bean Scrub Recipe 4

Stir the ingredients together into an even mixture. Be sure to scoop from the bottom to be sure all dry sugar gets coated in the oils.

Jelly Bean Scrub Recipe 5

I separated my mixture evenly into three bowls so that I could color and scent each one differently. Also, this amount was perfect for filling three mini heremes jars.

Jelly Bean Scrub Recipe 6

To each bowl, I added 1/2 tsp of fragrance oil. For my mixtures, I used fresh pineapple slices, juicy strawberry, and sweet grape. They smell SOOOO good!!

Jelly Bean Scrub Recipe 7

Now for some color! You can coordinate your colors with the fragrances, or you can mix and match (like I did). Be sure to really stir each mixture well- both liquid colors and mica colors can clump. Break up any highly pigmented spots and mix well until each mixture is even in color.

Jelly Bean Scrub Recipe 8

Scoop each mixture into a lidded jar (I used mini heremes jars- which I LOVE!) for storage and finish with a printed label. You can’t see mine, but they have a bunny on them! 🙂


To use: gently massage over damp skin. Rinse with water. Pat dry and massage remaining oils into the skin for a silky, moisturized finish.

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