Peach Hibiscus Bath Salts Recipe

Peach Hibiscus Bath Salts Recipe


Beautiful, fragrant bath salts can turn a quick soak in the tub into a luxurious experience. The fragrances delight your senses while the salts melt away tension leaving you feeling relaxed and pampered. Pour a glass of wine, grab a great book and you’re ready for some serious “me” time.

You’ll need:

2 cups Dead Sea Salts

1 tsp Peach Hibiscus Fragrance Oil

1 pinch each of Yellow and Red Pigment Powder


In a bowl stir together the salt and the pigment powders until the salt has been completely coated in color and the mixture looks even. Add in the fragrance oil and continue to blend the ingredients together. You can add more fragrance oil if you feel the scent is too light. Transfer to an airtight container for storage and enjoy by adding a few scoops to warm bath water.




Peach Hibiscus Bath Salts Recipe

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13 thoughts on “Peach Hibiscus Bath Salts Recipe

  1. Can you put the salts in the jar right away after coloring and scenting or do you have to let them dry? Will they not clump up together?

    1. If you put the FO & colorant into dendretic salt first, the FO will incorporate better into the larger salts & absorb most of the moisture. I used 1 tsp per pound of salts. HTH.

    1. Yes, you can use your web browser to print it. You can refer to these Google search results on how to do so using your specific web browser, or you can press Ctrl and P on your keyword (if it’s a Microsoft Windows PC) to print the webpage.

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