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Betcha didn’t know that whipping up your very own scented lotion was SO EASY! If you’re already making a scented body scrub, why not make a matching lotion too? Not only will they be the perfect pair for your skin, together they make a great gift! And like it or not, we’re getting pretty darn close to the holiday season!

So while you’re busy in the kitchen making your home smell fall-esque, change up your bath products too. Warm banana bread is a yummy fragrance for cozy days spent in leggings and oversized sweaters.

Here’s how to make your own batch!


Unscented Lotion Base

Banana Nutbread Fragrance Oil

Vitamin E Oil



To 1 cup of lotion base I added 1 teaspoon of fragrance oil

and about 1 TBS of vitamin E oil (I just squeezed it straight from the bottle into the lotion).

With your whisk, beat all of the ingredients together until you no longer see a separation of oil and lotion. This may take a few minutes. Just be sure you really whisk it well to incorporate everything together.

Spoon the lotion into a lidded jar or old lotion bottle (I used a mason jar which turned out really cute!) for storage and use as needed. Like I mention above, this lotion is the perfect follow up to a matching sugar scrub. Both are so easy to make but when used together leave your skin feeling soft and smelling oh-so delightful!


Recipe: Banana Bread Scented Lotion

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  1. I so love the thought of making my own beauty products. Would it be possible to have recipes sent to my e-mail.
    I would love to try some.

  2. Hi Dan,

    Could you please confirm that the lotion base will only last two weeks without adding a preservative? How much should you add to an entire gallon and how much fragrance can you add to an entire gallon? Thanks

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