Red Currant and Cream Lotion Recipe

Red Currant and Cream Lotion Recipe 1


As the fall months approach it’s time to tone down the summer fragrances and introduce scents that are a little warmer and cozier. Red currant and cream fragrance oil is the perfect transition. Still sweet, but with a touch of creamy musk that’s just right for fall.

This recipe is as simple as it gets with only two ingredients. Whisk them together for a quick, homemade batch of luxurious lotion.


You’ll need:

2-3 Cups Organic Unscented Lotion Base

1 tsp Red Currant & Cream Fragrance Oil


In a large bowl whisk together the lotion base and the fragrance oil. You can adjust the amount of fragrance oil used if you prefer a stronger scent, but start with 1 tsp and work up. Continue to whip the mixture until the oil has completely disappeared into the lotion (you could also use an electric mixer). Scoop the finished lotion into an airtight container for storage and use as needed.

*For added warmth to your lotion fragrance, this oil pairs beautifully with vanilla! Add a little to your mixture for a cozy fall blend.




Red Currant and Cream Lotion Recipe

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8 thoughts on “Red Currant and Cream Lotion Recipe

  1. Hi! How long will this last in terms of shelf life? 1 year? Several months? Thanks!! And where can I buy containers for it?

      1. If we purchased your body lotion base (not the ones listed as organic), will that last longer? I thought your premade lotions, body sprays and butters had a long shelf life? What is their shelf life before vs after you add any scents? (I am new to this hobby, thanks!)

  2. I spoke with a BA rep who said that the lotion bases and fragrance oils both have a 2 year shelf life, but you’re saying about 4 months. What info is correct?

    1. When other additives are introduced, the life span can possibly be reduced; for best quality it is recommended/suggested that the final product be consumed within the period mentioned.

  3. Can or should this lotion base be heated when creating or adding a personal touch to the final product?

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