Color Swirl Soap Recipe

Hey Bulkers! This is an easy recipe for Color Swirl Soap. Make it in your school colors and bring that school spirit home with you! 


2 lbs. Clear Soap Base (I used Aloe), cubed

½ lb. Opaque Soap Base (I used Shea), cubed

2 tsp Fragrance Oil (I used Coconut)

Soap Color

Rectangle Silicone Soap Mold

Wooden Skewer

Kraft Labels

General Soap Directions:

Begin by melting down the clear soap base in a microwave-safe bowl using short intervals in the microwave, stirring in between. If you use a bowl or a large measuring cup with a spout it makes pouring SO much easier (and less messy!).

Stir the fragrance oil into the melted base. You can adjust the amount depending on the fragrance you choose, but for coconut, I found that 2 teaspoons in the 2 pounds of soap base was the perfect amount for a nice, subtle scent.

Next, stir in the color. You can use a liquid soap color, a solid soap color (add it prior to microwaving), or a mica powder that has been blended with a small amount of water (enough to make it wet).

Fill each rectangle of the soap mold evenly with the mixture. Here’s where the spouted bowl or cup comes in handy!

Swirl Directions:

Now it’s time to melt the white soap base that we’ll swirl into the colored soap base. Melt down the cubed base using the same short intervals in the microwave until all of the cubes have dissolved into a smooth liquid.

Pour a small amount of the white soap into each of the soap molds (don’t wait for the colored soap to harden, it needs to be soft). You might not use all of the white base- it just depends on how much swirling you want in each of your soaps.

Using a wooden skewer, gently swirl the white soap through the colored soap base. Don’t overdo this step! If you swirl too much the two colors will just blend together and that’s not the look we’re going for.

Each soap will end up looking different, but they’ll all be beautiful! I swirled together purple and white, but you can swap the purple for whatever your school color is and have an awesome party favor!

I LOVE the way these turned out! It was so quick and easy and the results are gorgeous. I foresee at least one more color swirl soap in my future!

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8 thoughts on “Color Swirl Soap Recipe

  1. Love this! I see that you make a few suggestions as for the colorant in the recipe, but what did you use specifically to get this nice rich purple coloring? Would you mind if I posted this on my Instagram to share?

  2. Lovely soap! I have a 10″loaf mold, will I be able to use the amounts of soap in this recipe and how many bars of soap will this recipe make?

  3. This is beautiful! I’m thinking of giving soap making a try, but I have a question about this specific recipe; would it work well enough if I replaced the white with another color? (ie; red and blue, instead of purple and white) or would the color swirling just not show up at all?

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