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What are you feeling right now? A floral-top, lovely-smelling candle to start off the Spring? Or a gorgeous, Rose & Peony soap with flowers on top? Either way, Spring flower recipes are in abundance here at Bulk and we want you to try them along with us!

Rose & Peony Spring Soap

What You’ll Need

-Two 1 lb blocks of any SFIC Melt & Pour Base (we used White All-Natural)

-2 tsps Shea Butter

-2 tbsps Castor Oil

Rose and Peony Fragrance Oil

Silicone Soap Mold

Measuring Cup and Spatula

Rose Buds and Petals (optional)


  1. Cut 1 block of soap into manageable chunks.
  2. Add to microwave safe measuring cup or bowl and microwave in 30 second bursts to avoid scorching. (Ours melted in about 2 minutes and 30 seconds)
  3. Stir and ensure there are no chunks of soap left. Microwave until fully smooth. 
  4. Add shea butter and castor oil. Stir until again smooth. 
  5. Add 15-20 drops of fragrance oil. Stir again. 
  6. Pour mixture into silicone mold (spray first with rubbing alcohol to get an even spread).
  7. Repeat Steps 1-6 and add second melted and enriched block of soap to silicone mold on top of first mixture. 
  8. While mixture is still warm and wet, add Rose Petals & Buds to top as desired. 
  9. Allow to set overnight or for at least two hours. 
  10. Remove from mold and cut. 

Let us know if you try out this recipe or any others from our blog!

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