Tea Tree Soap recipe

We’ve written before about how amazing tea tree oil is. For skin alone, the list of benefits is extensive. From calming skin irritations, to reducing dandruff and hair loss, to protecting against minor infections- if you?re not on board with teat tree oil yet, hop on!

I love using tea tree oil in soaps for keeping skin clean and clear. It does a great job of fighting acne and leaves you feeling squeaky clean post-shower. This recipes also mixes in a little vitamin E to nourish as it lathers.

It’s easy and wonderful.

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3 lbs. Clear Glycerin MP Soap Base (cubed)

2 TBS. Vitamin E

3 TBS. Tea Tree Oil

Rectangle Silicone Soap Mold

That’s it!

Pour the vitamin e oil over the cubed soap base (you’ll stir in the tea tree oil later).

Now it’s time to melt your base. You can do this on the stovetop using a double boiler (or similar setup), or like me, you can pop the cubed soap base and vitamin e oil into a microwave-safe bowl and stick it in the microwave (I like the easier option). Pulse on 1 minute intervals and stir in between until completely melted.

Once your base is ready, stir in the tea tree oil. You can adjust this amount if you’d like to, more or less, but the tea tree oil tends to have a strong scent so in three pounds of soap base, 2 tablespoons goes a long way!

Stir, stir, stir, then carefully pour into a mold. I used a silicone rectangular mold for my soaps.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 10.37.31 AM

Once completely cooled and hardened, unmold you soap and slice into evenly sized pieces (if needed).

Package each piece individually and enjoy!

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        1. I apologize, we cannot provide any medical or cosmetic advice, tips, suggestions, or recommendations, as we are not certified medical or cosmetic professionals. We recommend consulting a medical or cosmetic professional; however, tea tree oil is believed to have many therapeutic benefits for skin conditions.

  1. I have very sensitive, dry skin, Thank you for these great recipes, I will be trying some of your products.

  2. wow this is very interesting, I always loved to make my own candles ,but I never knew I could make my own soap!! sign me up!! can I really package and sell it as well? would I have to go to school to learn about cosmetics and skin or is this something that people do as a hobby that pays? or to donate to homeless shelters or nursing homes maybe, either way,,again I will be doing this with my lil girl!! thanks for the recipe. and some great gift ideas as well!!!!

  3. how long do individual bars take to harden enough to remove from bar mold and does it need to cure for any period of time before use?

    1. Hi Sandy! The general rule is to let it dry to until you can touch it. Once it’s in that state, you can remove it.

      Happy Creating!

  4. can I put other e. Oils in with the tea tree oil for fragrance? Also could you send me a link too you web site. Thank You Rickey

        1. You can use:

          1 tbsp of tee tree oil per 1 lb. of soap base
          0.75 oz of vitamin E oil per 1 pound of soap base

          Hope this helps Tanya!

  5. Hi, can I add color to the soap? Can I add an EO or FO into the soap. Can I use Goats milk MP? Well, I guess what I’m asking is can I use any melt and pour and add color and make it smell good?

  6. If I wanted to add tea tree oil, lavender oil and french green clay to 1 pound of melt base, what would be the best ratios?
    Thank you!

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