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Homemade soaps can make thoughtful and personalized holiday gifts for friends and family. From quality soap bases to festive scents and molds, Bulk Apothecary offers soap making supplies for creating unique holiday-themed soaps. Here are some must-have supplies for making your own melt and pour soaps for holiday gifts:

Melt and Pour Soap Bases

Consider choosing a soap base that can nourish the skin and is easy to work with. Some of the bases we offer include shea butter, goat’s milk, honey, and cocoa butter. These bases are suitable winter soap choices, as they can provide your finished soap product with soothing and moisturizing properties. When browsing our soap bases, decide whether you want a clear or opaque soap product. Clear bases are ideal for showcasing additives like herbs or glitter, while opaque bases are great for achieving solid, vibrant colors.

Essential Oils and Fragrances

Choose holiday-inspired scents like cinnamon, peppermint, or pine to create your seasonal soaps. Essential oils can add aroma to your soap while also offering various aromatherapeutic benefits, such as reduced stress, fatigue, and anxiety. You can experiment with different combinations to create a personalized blend for each gift.

While making melt and pour soap, it is key to choose fragrances or essential oils that are made to be used with this specific type of soap. At Bulk Apothecary, we offer specifically made fragrance oils for melt and pour soap. You can create your own holiday fragrance or choose one of our ready-made blends, like Christmas Wish. 

Soap Colors

There are several different methods for coloring your holiday soaps, including using soap color bars and all-natural mica powders. When working with a melt and pour soap base, a soap color bar can make the process quick and easy. It can create a bright and uniform soap product. 

Mica colors are considered all-natural and offer more control for those looking to create their own color designs. They are designed to resist migrating in the soap but can be more challenging for beginners. You can find typical holiday colors in both types of soap colorants, including red, green, and white.

Soap Molds

To add seasonal charm to your holiday gifts, you can find soap molds featuring snowflakes, Christmas trees, or ornaments. We also offer simple molds like squares or ovals if you prefer to focus on the color or scent of your soap. Silicone molds are ideal for melt and pour soap making, as they can help with easy removal and intricate detailing. Stocking a variety of shapes allows for a diverse range of gift options for you to choose from.

Dried Herbs and Botanicals

Enhance the visual appeal of your melt and pour soaps by incorporating additives like dried herbs and botanicals. Rose petals, lavender buds, and seeds add character and contribute to the sensory experience. These natural elements can provide texture and visual interest while offering a subtle fragrance that complements your chosen essential oils. Holiday-themed additives can include peppermint leaves, chia seeds, and glitter.

Heat-safe Mixing Bowls and Utensils

Melt and pour soap making requires high temperatures to melt the soap base. Consider investing in heat-safe mixing bowls and utensils to promote a smooth and safe process. To minimize the risk of melted stirring utensils, stainless steel or heat-resistant plastic tools can be used. Having a dedicated set of utensils for soap making may also help maintain the quality of your soap and supplies, potentially reducing accidental contaminants.


Use a thermometer to monitor the soap’s temperature and make sure it reaches the base’s recommended melting temperature before adding your fragrances or colorants. The precision a thermometer gives is beneficial for preventing scorching or premature solidification. It can help make sure that your soap keeps its desired texture and appearance, helping you create your desired holiday gifts.

Alcohol Spray

You can fill a mist bottle with rubbing alcohol and lightly spritz the soap’s surface to eliminate bubbles and create a smooth finish. This step is particularly beneficial for those who are working with intricate molds. It can help make sure that the details of the design remain the way they were intended.

Packaging Supplies

Consider using holiday-themed wrapping paper, festive ribbons, or eco-friendly gift bags to enhance the overall appeal of your handmade soaps. You can include a personalized note or tag to add a thoughtful touch to your holiday gift. You’ll find unique packaging options aBulk Apothecary, including custom-printed and pre-designed label templates.

Find Soap Making Supplies and More

Homemade soap can be a practical holiday gift for family, friends, co-workers, and others. When making melt and pour soap, consider supplies like melt and pour soap bases, essential oils and fragrances, soap colors and molds, additives, and packaging supplies. Visit our Bulk Apothecary website to find and learn more about our holiday-themed soap making supplies.

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