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Adding essential oils to your winter soaps and candles can infuse your home with cozy and comforting scents. They can also include therapeutic properties that may enhance your well-being during the colder months. Bulk Apothecary sells essential oils wholesale, so you can create various winter soaps and candles using our signature winter scents.

1. Peppermint

Peppermint oil has an invigorating, fresh scent typically known for its refreshing and cooling properties. It is reminiscent of the winter holidays and can be incorporated into your homemade soaps and candles. We currently carry Peppermint Supreme Essential Oil, which has minty notes and herbaceous undertones, and Peppermint Japanese Essential Oil, which has a sharper mint scent. If you prefer to purchase your essential oils wholesale, we offer containers of up to 400 lbs of both the Japanese and Supreme oils.

2. Clove

Clove is spicy, rich, and heady. It is often associated with Christmas because of its use in Christmas hams and gingerbread. We offer Clove Bud and Clove Leaf essential oils, which may be added to your candles to promote a pleasant holiday atmosphere in your home. Try mixing clove with cinnamon bark, ginger, or nutmeg essential oils for varying winter scents.

3. Frankincense

Frankincense has a rich, earthy, and woody scent. It is often taught that frankincense was one of the gifts brought to Jesus Christ at his birth, making it an appropriate aroma for your holiday candles and soaps. It is also a non-irritant and non-sensitizing oil, so many people can safely enjoy it.

4. Eucalyptus

If you want to add a clean, outdoor scent to your winter creations, eucalyptus essential oil is a good choice. It has a strong and pure scent reminiscent of evergreen forests. It mixes well with many other scents, such as peppermint, pine, and ginger. Some customers report that it has a soothing aroma that encourages them to relax. By purchasing apothecary products from Bulk Apothecary, you are buying your essential oils straight from the manufacturer, which can help you receive a high-quality product.

5. Sweet Orange

Sweet orange essential oils are derived from orange peels and are sweet, bright, and citrusy. This oil carries an uplifting scent known to reduce anxiety and kill bacteria. Incorporating it into your candles and soaps may help bring this same lively energy into any space. We also carry blood orange essential oil, which has a citrus scent but is slightly more tangy and fruity.

6. Pine

Pine has a refreshing, crisp, and outdoorsy aroma. It can smell similar to a pine Christmas tree or a forest, which makes it a good option for winter-themed candles or soaps. We carry both pine needle and fir needle essential oils. 

7. Myrrh

Myrrh is typically considered a traditional Christmas scent, as it was another gift believed to be given to Jesus Christ at birth. Myrrh has a rich, warm, spicy balsamic smell and a medium scent strength. This scent can be used on its own or mixed with other scents to balance out its spicy smell.

8. Wintergreen

Wintergreen has a strong mint candy scent. This can create a warm candle that smells like the holiday season and winter candies. The mint is a clean scent, making it a good option for soap-making.

9. Cinnamon 

Our Cinnamon Leaf and Cinnamon Bark essential oils have a warm, spicy, clove-like scent. Their scent can smell like freshly baked treats and other holiday festivities. They can add a festive touch to your winter soaps and candles.

10. Nutmeg

Nutmeg is used in many holiday recipes, including gingerbread. Nutmeg essential oil is sourced from the seed of a peach-like fruit and has a rich, sweet, woody, and spicy scent. The scent is similar to the powdered spice but more concentrated, making it effective in candles and soaps. Nutmeg is a popular holiday scent that can help elevate your homemade winter creations.

11. Ginger

Our Ginger and Ginger Root Essential Oils have woody, warm, and spicy scents. They also have a hint of pepper and lemon. The smell of these essential oils is similar to powdered ginger. This scent, mixed with other woody and warm scents, can keep your house smelling like Christmas festivities long after the winter holidays.

12. Bergamot

Bergamot is another classic winter scent that can be used in homemade soaps and candles. It has a citrusy, sweet, warm aroma, reminding some people of lavender or neroli oil. This scent may also pair well with other spice scents like nutmeg, ginger, or cinnamon.

Shop Our Essential Oils Wholesale at Bulk Apothecary

Using these essential oils in your candles and soaps can offer a natural way to enhance your winter experience. They can be used alone or mixed to create a signature scent. Whether you prefer nostalgic scents like cinnamon, refreshing scents like peppermint, or rich scents like frankincense, Bulk Apothecary has the supply you need. We offer our essential oils wholesale so you can make enough to last you and your loved ones through the season. Visit our website today to stock up on supplies for your homemade winter creations.

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