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Color blocks and liquid dyes can add color to candle wax, increasing the visual appeal of the candle. They have different properties, but both options allow you to customize the color of your creations. At Bulk Apothecary, we sell various candle making supplies, including color blocks and liquid dyes in numerous colors.

How Color Blocks and Liquid Dyes Are Made

Color blocks and liquid dyes are made by manufacturers and colorant companies using specially formulated pigments designed to work with a variety of candle waxes, including soy, beeswax, and paraffin wax. They can be made using natural materials, organic materials, or synthetic chemical ingredients specifically formulated for candle making. At Bulk Apothecary, our color blocks and liquid dyes are made with compatible materials, so you can mix multiple colors and use them in your preferred candle wax.

How To Use Color Blocks

Color blocks are solid, concentrated blocks of color formulated for candle making. They are made by combining colorants with a wax base. Color blocks are mess-free and easy to handle and measure. One block from Bulk Apothecary can color 5-10 pounds of wax. To change the color or saturation of a candle, more or less of a block can be added. Each block is made of the same material, so you can combine different color blocks to create the exact color and shade you want.

To color your product using color blocks, add the desired amount of color blocks to your candle wax during the melting process. This allows the wax and color block to melt together. Stir the wax well to incorporate the color evenly. The color can vary depending on the fragrance, type of wax, and the amount of color block that you use. During this process, watch the temperature of your wax to make sure you do not overheat your wax and dye. This can oxidize the wax, which can cause it to deteriorate and turn yellow. We recommend working within 160-180 degrees Fahrenheit to avoid these issues.

How To Use Liquid Dyes

Liquid dyes are easy and versatile to use. They are our most soluble colorant available and highly concentrated. The liquid makes it easy to pour and measure, which allows for precise color control. Bulk Apothecary liquid dyes have a high flash point of 200 degrees Fahrenheit and are REACH and GHS compliant.

To color your wax using liquid dyes, add the desired amount of dye after heating the wax. Mix it well to incorporate the color evenly. The color can be affected by a variety of factors, including the opacity of the wax, the fragrance you add, and other wax additives such as polymers, stearic acid, and microcrystalline wax. We also recommend using an ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor on all products containing dyes. This may help prevent premature fading of the colored wax after being exposed to UV light.

Tips for Using Liquid Dyes and Color Blocks

Liquid dye and color blocks have unique differences, but these tips are helpful when using either option:

Start Small

Whether using liquid dyes or color blocks, start with small quantities and gradually increase until you reach the correct color. Adding too much dye can alter the color, burn, and smell of your candle. Starting small can give you better control, leading to more precise results.

Mix Colors

Experiment with different colors and combinations. Both color blocks and liquid dyes are compatible with other colorants and candle waxes. Create unique color combinations by experimenting with different colors and varying concentrations.

Consider Other Ingredients

Various factors, such as the fragrance, type of wax, and wax additives, can affect the outcome of the color. This can lead to unintended results. Before making your candle, research whether the color blocks or dye will work with your specific recipe.

Record Formulas

When creating candles, write down all the colors you use and the specific measurements. This can help you replicate these colors in the future. If you own a candle store, this can help you create consistent results across your products.

Purchase Candle Making Supplies From Bulk Apothecary

Color blocks and liquid dyes can add appealing colors to plain candle wax. If you prefer precise control of your colorants, you may choose liquid dyes over color blocks. Some creators may find color blocks to be less messy and easier to incorporate. Considering these differences can help you choose the best option for you.

Whether you make candles for yourself or sell candles in a store, these dyes can make your candles more visually interesting. Bulk Apothecary is a large online supplier of candle making supplies. We sell wax, wicks, fragrance oils, essential oils, containers, labels, color blocks, and liquid dyes. We offer a wide variety of colors in both color blocks and liquid dyes to help you customize your candles. Make an order today to add more color to your candles.

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