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Meet Ashley Cain - My Healthy Soap

In the heart of every handmade product lies a story of passion and drive to make a difference. At Bulk Apothecary, we take immense pride in supporting and showcasing the brilliant makers who trust us to be their product supplier. Each month, we spotlight one of these creative souls, sharing their inspiring journey with the world. This month we are highlighting a natural Soap maker and educator. 

This month, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Ashley Cain, owner of My Healthy Soap, an extraordinary talent in the maker community and an educator in the Maker community. Ashley’s passion for teaching and creating high-quality soaps caught our attention, and we can’t wait to share her story with you!

Soap Maker and Educator

Ashley’s Healthy Soap journey began with a clear mission: to provide her family with a better, more natural product. What began as a personal quest quickly blossomed into a full-fledged business. Ashley’s company My Healthy Soaps now reaches many through her workshops and presence in the marketplace. While she loves making and selling her handmade soaps, she is also teaching the art of soap making.

Join us as we celebrate the journey of Soap making with Ashley, My Healthy Soap owner, a business born out of love.

Ashley, we are so excited to showcase you this month. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m Ashley, a stay at home mom with a passion for clean living. I started making soap to provide my family with a better, more natural product to use.

Little did I know this little venture of mine would turn into a business, providing others with a better option as well! Through teaching soap making and bringing my soap to the market place, I am truly working to make a difference in others lives.

Soap Making
As a creator and educator, where did your journey begin and grow to what it is today?

I started making soap just to be in control of the products my family and I were using. Then I began to give out my creations as gifts to family and friends. This led to me receiving amazing feedback. Coincidentally, I was also looking for ways to make an income while staying home with my daughter. She was a baby and I quickly realized after becoming a mom that I never wanted to miss a moment with her.

What do you love most about creating products and educating others who want to create?

I love hearing others’ success stories! Whether it is my customers loving the soap or one of my students starting a successful business. It is wonderful to hear that you positively impacted someone else’s life.

What is your favorite part of teaching others?

I love that I can have a small positive impact on others’ lives. The students who have started successful businesses and also those who rave about improved skin conditions after beginning to make their own soap. Both of these make me incredibly happy.

As an educator what do you feel is the best place to start when opening a business selling homemade products?

In-person sales is a great way to start out as a small business! Attending local craft shows/farmers markets is an awesome way to get a few first sales under your belt. At the same time, you should be working on building your online presence. Selling at events helped me to build confidence in my product and capital for my business, but it is foolish to not utilize the Internet for sales! As someone who has built up their social media presence, I am now able to make a post about my product and have thousands of individuals view it.

What are your must-have tools and products to have on hand?

I am a big fan of Bulk Apothecary essential oils. As a soap maker, I also can’t function without my immersion blender lol!

Do you have any online classes or products you want to tell our community about?

I have an online soap making class that teaches you all of the basics you need to begin making your own natural soap!

To get in touch or follow Ashley’s Soap Making adventures you can find her at her website , Tiktok @MyHealthySoap, Instagram @HealthySoapMama

My Healthy Soap Making

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You can also find all your soap making needs from oils to butter and more at Bulk Apothecary.

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