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Essential oils can be used alone or as an ingredient in candles, soaps, bath products, and moreChoosing to buy essential oils wholesale allows you to take advantage of bulk discounts. It is also more convenient, as it eliminates the need to make regular orders. Some commonly asked questions about wholesale essential oils include:

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are extracts derived from various types of plants. They are known for their distinct scents and therapeutic qualities and are used as a form of alternative medicine to support health and well-being. Essential oils can be extracted from the flowers, stems, leaves, and roots of a plant, depending on the type that it is derived from. The oils are extracted using different methods, including distillation or cold pressing. These methods help preserve the quality and therapeutic properties of the oils.

What Can Essential Oils be Used For?

Essential oils are used for a variety of different purposes. Each oil has different benefits. Lemon has powerful cleaning properties, making it a good option for homemade cleaning products. It may also make a good addition to your skincare routine. Lavender may help you get better sleep, and chamomile may reduce stress. You are able to add essential oils to candles and handsoaps or diffuse them into the air to take advantage of their potent scents and holistic properties. 

How Are Essential Oils Produced?

At Bulk Apothecary, we use only the finest quality ingredients and supplies. We only purchase from ethical producers and sources. After sourcing these high-quality ingredients, our producers create pure essential oils using various extraction methods, most often distillation or expression. Distillation involves separating the essential oils from the plant through heating, vaporization, and condensation. Expression, also called cold-pressing, is a process that involves mechanically pressing the plant. Citrus oils are usually cold-pressed because the oil can degrade when exposed to heat, while we produce most herb essential oils using steam distillation. 

What Are the Differences Between Therapeutic-grade and Standardized Essential Oils?

Therapeutic-grade oils are sourced for their therapeutic benefits. We test them to make sure they are of high quality and purity so that they can deliver the desired results. The goal of standardized oils is to deliver consistent smells and tastes. This means that they can include other elements and ingredients, such as carrier oils. Choosing between therapeutic grade and standardized oils will depend on what you are using them for and your individual preferences. 100% pure therapeutic grade oils have more therapeutic properties and benefits but may not offer as much consistency as standardized oils.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Wholesale Essential Oils?

Purchasing essential oils wholesale allows you to take advantage of bulk savings, which may lower your personal or business costs. Purchasing wholesale is also more convenient because you don’t need to make regular orders, as you can buy the amount that you plan on using. We currently offer our essential oils in containers from .5 ounces to 400-pound containers, so you can buy the amount that best fits your needs. 

Do Essential Oils Have Any Safety Issues?

Some essential oils do have certain elements that need to be evaluated for enhanced safety. Certain essential oils, such as clove and peppermint, can cause skin irritation, especially when applied undiluted. Many citrus oils, including lemon and orange, can be phototoxic, which means they react to UV light and may cause burns and blisters. Certain oils shouldn’t be used around people with specific health conditions, pets, or children. Our website lists health concerns about each essential oil we sell — we recommend reading this information before purchasing or working with the oil.

What Are the Benefits of Working With a Wholesale Essential Oils Supplier?

Purchasing directly from a reputable wholesaler like Bulk Apothecary verifies that the quality and consistency of your essential oils are reliable. If you own a business, this contributes to a positive customer experience. We supply all of our products at market-leading prices, but we never sacrifice quality to lower our prices. Buying your essential oils in bulk will also add to these savings. Another benefit of working with us is gaining access to our customer service. One of our company values is that the customer is always right and should be treated with respectIf you ever have any problems with your order or any questions, we are here to help and make it right.

Purchase Essential Oils Wholesale From Bulk Apothecary

Bulk Apothecary sells 100% pure essential oils sourced from the highest quality ingredients from ethical producers around the world. Purchase essential oils in various quantities depending on your needs. Purchasing essential oils wholesale in these large quantities allows you to take advantage of additional savings. This makes it a beneficial option for business owners and those who require a large amount of essential oils. Shop our essential oils today.

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