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Whether you make soap for yourself or your business, curating natural ingredients can improve your products’ quality. Bulk Apothecary specializes in providing specialty soap making supplies. Here’s more information about how to use our organic products:

Essential Oils

Organic essential oils offer the refreshing scents of regular oils with certification that they were sourced sustainably. Oils qualify as organic when they meet high standards of cleanliness outlined by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Organic oils support healthy natural environments by controlling pollution and preventing harmful farming practices. Our natural products are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Organic certification covers the oil’s entire production cycle. Farmers grow seeds that haven’t been genetically modified and nurture their fields with only organic fertilizers. Growing plants are protected with pesticides and herbicides that don’t damage the local ecosystem. During processing, certification maintains the oil’s purity by preventing exposure to radiation, sewage, and contaminants. This keeps artificial ingredients out of the final product.

At Bulk Apothecary, we carry one of the nation’s largest supplies of organic oils. Our scents are free of phthalates, parabens, and damaging sulfates, including SLS and SLES. We provide products sourced from suppliers inspected by Oregon Tilth, a USDA Accredited Certifying Agent with nearly fifty years of experience. 

Tallow and Lard

Natural animal fats formed the first soaps. Ancient Babylonians and Egyptians discovered that fat mixed with ash hydrates the skin and protects it from the sun. Modern soap makers use our tallow and lard as environmentally-conscious replacements for refined isolates. Animal fats derive from sustainable sources and are naturally biodegradable. They can also replace palm oil, considered one of the leading causes of deforestation.

Tallow is rendered from mutton and beef fat, and lard is made from pigs. Both are rich in nutrients, including vitamins A, D, E, K, and B12 and essential fatty acids. Using them makes soap nourishing to the skin. They’re also known for mildness and are appropriate for sensitive skin formulas. 

Although they may usually be used interchangeably, tallow and lard contribute different qualities to finished products. Soaps made from tallow form a more rigid bar that produces stable lather, making it longer-lasting. Lard is softer and lends a creamy consistency to soaps and lotions that feels smooth and soothing. 

Mica Colors

Mica powder is made by grinding mineral mica into fine dust. Its tiny crystals create a shimmering effect when added to pigments, so soap makers use it to add a natural pearlescent shine to their products. We carry 43 all-natural mica colors made from concentrated formulas. They require less powder to produce colors, and their pigments resist UV radiation to preserve shades over time. Mica colors don’t migrate in soap. They blend with liquid and solid mediums, as well as with each other, to create custom shades. Our mica colors are certified animal cruelty-free.

Natural Additives

Organic ingredients can fill the roles of synthetic additives without creating waste, which supports eco-friendly lifestyles. Plants provide fresh scents, enriching nutrients, and pops of color to soaps. Natural exfoliants, like seeds and leaves, are an eco-friendly alternative to microplastics. They scrub the skin for a deep clean. Floral toppers are biodegradable and may make soap more appealing to potential customers.

Bulk Apothecary supplies cosmetic-grade, certified organic plant ingredients. We add new products to our lineup weekly. Olive leaves bring natural hydrating properties to soaps that help soften skin. Kelp has a gritty texture that exfoliates by scrubbing off layers of dead cells. Using it in granule and powder forms creates different textures. Lemongrass can act as a toner, refreshing skin and combating oils, and citrus fruit peels, like orange and lemon, smell great and create vibrant colors. Goldenrod herb contains saponins, natural compounds that help build foam in soaps.

We feature certified organic, 100% pure Black Walnut products made from trees grown inside the United States. Local sourcing minimizes long-distance shipping that creates pollution. Black walnut has been used in soaps for centuries and contributes a natural spicy smell. We carry walnut hulls and leaves in tinctures, powders, and cut-and-sifted form.


Natural soap bases help the environment by keeping harmful ingredients out of the ecosystem. We stock all-natural castile bases, which are traditional soaps made from olive oil. Our formulas don’t utilize sulfates or animal products and are available with moisturizers, emulsifiers, conditioners, saponifying agents, and mineral whiteners. Natural bases can be used for body cleansers, pet shampoos, laundry and dish detergents, and general cleaners. We provide unscented formulas that can be customized with essential oils for a unique smell. Pre-scented formulas are also available that feature natural lavender, peppermint, or Litsea Cubeba citrus. 

Healthy Soap Making Supplies

Choosing organic soap-making supplies empowers you to create skin care products that meet your standards for health and sustainability. Bulk Apothecary sources ingredients from ethical producers around the globe. Order now to use environmentally friendly organic ingredients in your soap.

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