White Chocolate Truffle Votive Candle Recipe

Sweets rule the summer, as parents try out their richest recipes during a time when they don’t have to wake their kids up for school. If you want your guests to think, “Man, that smells good! I wonder what they’re baking?” but you’re a crafter and not a baker, this White Chocolate Truffle Votive Candle recipe could be for you.

Bring out your inner hostess and make the most of your warm welcoming home! And if they’re a little bummed that there really wasn’t a large chocolate cake awaiting them when they stopped by, tell them all about this sweet, sweet candle that you made all by yourself. They’ll be impressed. I promise.


Step 1 Start by preparing your molds. The votive clamshells are AMAZING because they’re a mold and can also be the packaging (if you plan to give them as gifts or sell them) all in one! And if you’re keeping them for yourself, these molds work great for storage until you’re ready to use the candles. Just close the lid when you’re done and pack them away until you’re ready to use! It simplifies EVERYTHING. You’ll love them. Anyway, prep them by placing the wicks in the mold. Affix the wick tab with a glue dot or a small dot of hot glue and set aside until you’re ready for pouring.

Step 2 Next, melt the soy wax in a double boiler or similar set up and bring the wax up to 199° F (check it out with a kitchen or candy thermometer).

Step 3 Remove the wax from the heat and add the fragrance. For every pound of candle wax, add 2 oz. of white chocolate truffle fragrance oil (because we want the chocolate scent to be strong) and thoroughly blend using a wooden spoon.

Step 4 Carefully pour the wax mixture into each votive cup and be sure to center the wicks in case they may have shifted during the pouring. You should have extra wax after filling the votives. Set this aside- you’ll need it later!

Step 5 Leave the candles to cool for an hour or so. After that time, you’ll see a small well in the center of each candle. To fill it, poke a hole in the center of each well with a wicking needle (if you happen to have one) or wire. Reheat your candle wax to 199° F and pour it carefully into the well of each candle. Repeat this step again if another small well forms after the candles have cooled.

Step 6 Leave candles to cool completely. If you’re using them yourself, simply unmold and place in a votive candle holder to burn and ENJOY! If you’re giving these away, place a beautiful label on the lid, wrap with ribbon or twine, and present your friends and family with perfectly packaged deliciously scented homemade candles!

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