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It’s back to school time here! Oh my, where did the summer go? The stores are a constant reminder for the kids of the upcoming return to school- the moment you walk into Target or Wal-Mart the aisles are overflowing with pencils, rulers, and backpacks!

Let’s not forget about all of the commercials that are chirping away about updating the kids wardrobes (since they’ve most likely outgrown everything they currently have) in preparation for their new year. A

As an adult I really do miss back-to-school shopping. Shouldn’t we get a shopping spree too?? I’d love a brand new wardrobe! It’s no doubt, a busy time for parents. While you’re busy scurrying around trying to complete that list of required items for your child’s class this year, don’t forget the simple items that can make all the difference in a successful school year!

Here are a few essential oils that we think are essential to a great back-to-school experience. Essential oils are a natural, healthy, and an easy addition to your child’s routine. Why not do your best to set them up for success?


Why? Well, it can be great for all of those little bumps, bruises, and minor scrapes that are notorious at the playground. It’s also wonderful for end of the day relaxation when it’s time to calm down in preparation for bedtime.


Why? Peppermint can help with focus and concentration. In the afternoon, it can help boost energy and attention when the mid-day fatigue its setting in.


Why? Kids pick up a lot of stuff at school. From sniffles, to colds, to skin irritations. Frankincense can be useful in removing warts (which are a virus that’s easily spread among kids) that your child may come home with on their fingers or hands.


Why? Well, this essential oil can ward off common colds, viruses, and the flu.


Why? Lemon is an easy additive to water. It makes for a tasty refreshing drink at lunchtime, which will help with limiting sugary drinks and maintaining proper hydration.

Set your child up for success and have a happy and healthy school year!

As always, be sure to always consult with your doctor or pediatrician before using or ingesting essential oils!

Let us know if you make this recipe or any others from our blog!

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