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Warmer weather means more time outdoors- not only for us, but for our furry family members as well!

Prevention is key when it comes to protecting ourselves and our pets from the pests that accompany our family members. More and more we hear about tick bites leading to Lyme Disease, so we really need to be diligent about safety measures during times spent outside.

An easy, homemade solution to fending off Ticks is this simple spray made with essential oils and witch hazel. It’s a great natural alternative to the store bought options and is generally safe for both people and pets– just be sure to check with a physician or your veterinarian before using, and be cautious when dealing directly with pure essential oils!

Bug and Tick Spray

24 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

24 Drops Geranium Essential Oil

½ Cup Witch Hazel

Combine all ingredients in a spray top bottle and shake gently to mix. Spray on pets, clothing, and skin prior to time spent outdoors. Repeat as needed, shaking mixture before each use.

Tick Spray Recipe

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14 thoughts on “Essential Oil Tick Spray Recipe | Bulk Apothecary

  1. Using Essential Oils on Cats is not recommended. Cats do not have the right enzymes to process the essential oils and essential oils can kill a cat.
    I make a healing balm with Thieves Oil in it, and I use it every 4th day on a wounded cat. You have to wait 3 days between using essential oils on cats, that way they can process the essential oils. This information is available on the internet and I am speaking from my own personal experiences and my opinion. To be safe, ask your vet first before using any essential oils on your cat.

  2. Please, do NOT use essential oils on cats. They ingest them as they groom & it can (usually is) lethal! I successfully rub Apple Cider Vinegar on them, starting at their ears. That way ingestion is not a problem.

  3. Hello thank for this wonderful information. How often should you use this after spaying it on your dog and where should it be sprayed on the dog.

    1. You’re welcome; we highly recommend consulting your veterinarian before use, as our products are not animal tested. It can be sprayed on the coat after a bath, and repeat as needed, shaking mixture before each use.

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