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Recipe: White Nectarine Rose Rebatch Soap

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Rebatch soap base is pretty awesome. If you’ve mastered the easy-peasy melt & pour bases, find yourself not quite ready to dive into cold or hot process soap making, but want something somewhere in between- this base will be your new bff. It’s easy to work with (no lye handling or safety gear required) and… read more


Recipe: Lemon Verbena Leaf MP Soap

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Here’s a fun citrusy blend that will brighten your day! When using suspension soap base, I’ve blended in dried flowers, seeds, and berries- but I hadn’t tried any herbs yet. So when I decided to make a soap blend with lemon and lime essential oils, I wanted an herb that would look pretty and compliment… read more

Recipe: Tahiti Sweetie Salt Scrub

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Yes! Yes! Yesssss!!!!! Another salt scrub- man do I love making these! This summery scented scrub is sure to leave your skin feeling buttery smooth. I love making and using salt and sugar scrubs because they’re so easy and so enjoyable. With all of the nourishing oils packed into the mix, you don’t even need… read more

How To Freeze Your Herbs

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This idea has been floating around Pinterest for months and I’ve been dying to try it. So when my fiancé brought me home a big bottle of extra virgin olive oil from Bulk Apothecary, I knew exactly what to do with it. Being mid-summer, I know many of you probably have a garden full of… read more

Recipe: Ombré Sugar Scrub

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This is such a fun way to mix up your sugar scrubs for the summer (or for any time you feel like making a pretty little scrub). By making the batch all at once and then separating it just before coloring, there’s very little effort (or skill for that matterJ) needed to make it look… read more

Recipe: Caribbean Escape Salt Scrub

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This summery scrub is sure to add a splash of color to your daily routine! With Dead Sea salts to exfoliate away dry summer skin and grapeseed oil to replenish lost moisture, you’ll be feeling soft and smooth all over after just one use. The Caribbean Escape fragrance oil will have you dreaming of a… read more

Recipe: Blood Orange & Bergamot Salt Scrub

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This recipe is full of summer goodness. It smells of sweet ripe oranges and leaves your sun-kissed skin feeling oh-so-soft and silky smooth. Perfect for those hot summer nights when your baring those tan legs you earned at the pool earlier It’s packed full of skin loving oils that nourish and quench the skin, hydrating… read more

Recipe: Summer Citronella Candle

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It’s summertime! And when summer comes, so do the bugs…. During this time of year everyone enjoys being outdoors- for picnics and cookouts, camping and hiking, days by the pool and evenings on the deck sipping summer cocktails. However you choose to spend your summer days, don’t spend them swatting mosquitos and scratching bug bites.… read more