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Recipe: Decadent Chocolate Cake Soap

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Get ready Bulkers- this next recipe is simply DEVINE. I’m a dessert girl through and through. The girl at the table that orders the giant piece of chocolate cake before ordering dinner. Yep, I’m THAT girl. So believe me, when I stumbled across a recipe for soap inspired by none other than chocolate cake- I knew it was… read more


Recipe: Brown Sugar Pomegranate Scrub

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Lately I’ve been intrigued by pomegranates. Aside from a pomegranate martini (which is wonderful by the way….) I really haven’t had much experience with the fruit. The look of it always fun- it’s just so exotic. Like forbidden fruit from a secret garden on some tropical island that you only read about in books…. And… read more

Recipe: Honey & Oats Melt & Pour Soap

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This recipe takes the cake for the easiest soap recipe ever. Really. It took me a matter of minutes, used ingredients I had sitting in my pantry, and didn’t even need fragrance or color! It truly was a melt-stir-pour-done kind of project. Oatmeal is wonderful for the skin. It calms and soothes irritated skin, is… read more

Recipe: Strawberry Mint Lip Scrub

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Hey Bulkers! Here’s a quick and easy recipe to get those chapped lips under control. I know mine have been totally abused this winter and a little TLC is needed pretty much every single day.  No lie. Lately I feel like I just can’t kick the seasonal chapped lips. And since I’m doing upkeep around the clock, this… read more

Recipe: Peppermint Puppy Bath Bar

In my home, the baby runs the show. And by baby, I mean my fur baby. He’s pretty much in charge and we’re okay with that. I mean, with a face as cute as his, how could we not be? Yep, I’ll be the first to admit that we’ve become THOSE people. The ones that… read more

Recipe: Cocoa Bath Soak

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Cocoa Bath Soak Hey Bulkers! Here’s a simple, easy peasy recipe for a delightful bath soak that you can toss together is minutes. Literally- it took me minutes, AND you probably have most, if not all, of the ingredients in your pantry right now! I really couldn’t make it any easier if I tried…. Not… read more

Recipe: Java Lip Balm

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I’m a coffee addict. Give me the smell of a coffee shop any day and I’m a happy camper! I love to drink it. I love to smell it. I love to taste it (preferably in ice cream). And now, I LOVE to gloss my lips up with it! Yes!! I’m also a lip gloss… read more

Recipe: Botanical Infused Massage Oil

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Infused Massage Oil   If you’re looking for a beautiful way to change up your massage oils, look no further. This recipe for infused massage oil is to die for. It’s so simple and yields such a lovely product people will be wondering where you bought it! Bonus? It’s SO easy to make and you can… read more

Recipe: Orange Creamsicle Soap

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I’m a freak when it comes to popsicles in the summer. Literally- I could survive off of them. Any kind, any flavor, I love them all. There’s just something about a cool, refreshing treat to make a hot summer day just a teensy bit better (as if a hot summer day needed to get any better….).… read more

Combining Scents: The Fragrance Wheel

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The Fragrance Wheel Ever feel a little lost when trying to combine your own scents for the perfect combination? You’re not alone. There are so many options when making your own products– essential oils, fragrance oils or even just naturally scenting with raw ingredients. I too have felt this way many times (and I’m sure… read more