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Recipe: Grape Bubble Gum Soap Whip

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So recently I fell in love with Sweet Grape Fragrance Oil. It smells just like the bubble gum I used to enjoy as a kid (and occasionally as an adult…) and it makes me happy. It’s definitely a kid-approved fragrance and for that reason, I’m positive I’ll be whipping up a few more treats with… read more


Recipe: Grape Bubble Gum Sugar Scrub

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If you have kids in the house, this scrub is sure to be a HUGE hit! It smells like grape bubblicious bubble gum and I’m in LOVE! Grape bubble gum, grape popsicles, grape ice cream (yep, it’s pretty delicious). This scrub makes me think of them all. It’s sweet and sugary and oh-so-yummy! Being a… read more

Recipe: Banana Soap

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This recipe is a fun one. For me, it’s the first one that I’ve tried that incorporated fruit. After reading her book Natural Soapmaking, I gave this recipe by Marie Browning a try! I love banana fragrances and with the addition of coconut, I knew it would be a soap that I would enjoy. It’s… read more

Recipe: Expresso & Orange Bar Soap

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I really love the fragrance of coffee in- well, in just about anything. But a basic ‘cup of joe’ scent can sometimes be too predictable. With this recipe I made two mixtures using a dark roast as the liquid portion in one, and adding a sweet orange fragrance to the other, and blended them into… read more

Recipe: Man Soap (Bar Version)

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So I began this quest for a less girly, more man-ish smelling soap with a whipped soft soap- that I totally ended up loving. The citrus basil fragrance oil really knocked it out of the park for me when it came to finding a fragrance that was a little more manly, but not the typical… read more

Recipe: Oatmeal Cookie Rebatch Soap

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Here’s your warning: this one smells so delicious you’ll be tempted to eat it. Or at least make a batch of cookies and eat all of them… Packed with skin loving oatmeal, sweet fragrance, and a soft silky base- this soap is a winner in my books! Here’s what you’ll need: 3 cups grated Rebatch… read more

Recipe: Calendula Soap

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This soap is simply gorgeous. And easy.  Which makes it even prettier. Right? I mean, it basically resembles a fancy pastry that you’d find in some delicious French bakery while on a European holiday. Or at least that’s what I think… The process is so basic even the most novice soap maker will feel right… read more

Recipe: Salty Coconut Soap Balm

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So, it’s not a hard soap. But it’s not a soft soap. And it’s kind of a scrub, But not really. You follow me?? This mixture is really like a hybrid of all of the above. It’s awesome. It combines the smooth lather of a soap, with the benefits of dead sea salt, in a… read more

Recipe: Red, White & Blue Salt Scrub

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Hey Bulkers! I hope you’re all enjoying your summer as much as I am! The warm weather, bright sun, pool time and family gatherings….what’s not to love? This last July 4th, I experimented with some patriotic recipes. This was my favorite. I know Independence Day is over, but I figured I would share anyway because… read more

Recipe: Rustic Orange Spice Rebatch Soap

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Using rebatch as a soap base is a wonderful way to get the look of cold processed soap without the work. No lye, no safety gear or goggles, shortened dry time…it’s a win-win situation. Basically, rebatch base is just cold processed soap melted down for reuse. So you get all of the features of cold… read more