Natural SPF: Shea Butter

As legend has it, shea butter is an effective sunscreen.  True or false? True…for some.  Shea butter has an SPF of about 6, which is perfect for low sun levels or people with naturally dark skin.  If you can, I highly recommend applying shea butter in place of your traditional sunscreen.  By now I sound like a broken record, but the reason you should use shea is because it is natural, free of additional chemicals and additives like the popular sunscreens in the market.  You always want to use products that are pure, natural and not mixed with tons of things you can’t pronounce.  As summer winds down, you will be spending less and less time in direct sunlight.  Most of us can get away with using shea butter,which also moisturizes the skin, gets rid of wrinkles, redness and unsightly blemishes, in addition to blocking harmful UV rays.

If you are unfamiliar with shea butter, it may feel strange when you apply for the first time.  Once you get use to the consistency, it will become part of your daily routine.  Ask anyone that has used shea butter as a moisturizer and they will swear by it.  Bulk Apothecary has so many customers that purchase the shea and use it daily.  It is inexpensive and works just as good, if not better, than the other popular daily moisturizers.  Pair it with a beeswax lip balm, and your skin will be protected in the late summer sun.  If you want some additional protection, or want something a little fancier with aromatherapy properties AND some added benefits, try the natural sunscreen recipe below!


3 T Shea Butter

1 T Aloe Vera

1 T Vitamin E

1 T Beeswax Pastilles

3-5 Drops of Essential Oil


Melt the shea butter and beeswax pastilles in a microwave (microwave for 30 seconds, mix, microwave additional 30 seconds if not fully melted).

Mix in Vitamin E, Aloe Vera and Essential Oil.  There are so many options for essential oil.  I recommend Lavender as it has a great fragrance.  However, if you are looking for a more unisex smell, add a mint oil.  Once the product is mixed together, put it into a jar or simply cover and put into your refrigerator to cool.  Once cooled, apply.  The homemade moisturizer will likely be thicker than what you are used to.  You will notice it absorbs into your skin quickly and with very little product.

This recipe is also great for packaging into your own bottles, labeling and giving as gifts!

As always, the above recipe is a base recipe.  It can be altered by adding different essential oils, fragrance oils, raw ingredients depending on what type of results you are looking for on your skin.

One last thing– enjoy the rest of your summer because we know it will be gone too soon! :)



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