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We are wrapping up this week’s blog with a spotlight on a wonderful essential oil, a personal favorite, Tea Tree Essential Oil. There are countless uses for this oil, but it is most known for assisting in clearing up acne. The oil fights against bacteria, viruses, and assists the immune system in warding off disease. It’s no wonder it’s known as a medicine cabinet in a bottle. Below are just some of the many uses of the oil.

  • Acne– This oil is one of the few that can be applied directly to the skin for almost all skin types. You can dab it onto acne-affected areas with a cotton ball, or massage into skin as a face wash at night. Be careful around the eyes, and be sure to wash off after cleaning a specific area. Your skin will feel fantastic after washing. Apply some lotion directly after, and you have a wonderful, all-natural face wash.
  • Antiseptic– If you have a cut or burn, use tea tree oil as an anti-septic.
  • Cold– If you have chest congestion from a cold or flu, add a few drops to a vaporizer to loosen! Perfect home remedy for flu season.
  • Lice– Add a few drops to your shampoo to assist in getting rid of head lice.
  • Body Odor– Add a few drops to your bath. It will help get rid of body odor.
  • Aromatherapy– It can help treat coughs, and other cold systems through its aroma.
  • Cleaning– Since it is an antiseptic, it can be mixed with water and soap to create homemade cleaners.
  • Laundry– Similar to helping to rid body odor, a few drops mixed into your load of laundry will get your clothes smelling cleaner!
  • Bug Bites– Going camping? Bring some tea tree oil to treat bug bites AND mix with water as an insect repellant!

There are countless uses for Tea Tree Essential Oil. As an acne treatment/face wash, it is great because it is all-natural and doesn’t contain many of the harmful chemicals found in popular over-the-counter acne meds. As always, we recommend going as pure as possible, and tea tree oil is one way to go green and pure.

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