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Essential oils offer a natural and non-toxic alternative to many household products and items. These natural oils can help you create a healthier and safer environment for yourself and your family. Purchasing your essential oils wholesale helps you save money and provides you with a wide range of benefits. There are multiple ways you can use essential oils to create a non-toxic home, including:

1. Natural Cleaning Solutions

Use essential oils to create natural cleaning solutions that keep your home clean without using harsh chemicals. Many premade cleaners today contain chemicals and synthetic ingredients that release harmful gasses into your home and will irritate your skin and lungs. Create your own all-purpose cleaner by using essential oils, water, and vinegar. Choose from various essential oils, including lemon, tea tree, and lavender. These essential oils have a pleasant smell that helps make your home smell cleaner and fresher. They can also help kill germs and eliminate harmful toxins, which contributes to a healthier home. 

2. Personal Care Products

Incorporate essential oils into your personal care products to make easy, non-toxic switches. Create your own body scrubs, lotions, shampoos, and bath bombs using non-toxic ingredients such as essential oils, coconut oil, and shea butter. Add them to your other everyday products, such as your hair care and skin care products. Using essential oils allows you to customize your personal care products with specific therapeutic properties. Chamomile and lavender oil are used to soothe the scalp, and rosehip or frankincense essential oils help rejuvenate and nourish the skin. These oils also allow you to customize the scent of your personal care products.

3. Candles

Use essential oils and soy wax or beeswax to create natural, non-toxic candles. Making your own candles also allows you to customize them with your favorite scents. Bulk Apothecary sells candle-making supplies such as candle wax, wicks, color blocks, and essential oils. Select essential oils based on your desired scents or therapeutic benefits, such as adding lavender for relaxation or eucalyptus for clarity. Making your own candles using wholesale candle supplies allows you to enjoy these natural fragrances without the harmful chemicals often found in store-bought candles.

4. Hand and Body Soap

Making your own hand and body soap with essential oils offers a natural alternative to commercial products. They also provide numerous benefits for skin health. Bulk Apothecary carries many soap bases, molds, and additives to help you make your own soap. For added benefits, incorporate tea tree oil, lavender, or peppermint oil into your soap. Tea tree oil possesses antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that help cleanse and purify the skin. Lavender is known for its soothing properties, and peppermint oil provides a fresh and clean scent. Using essential oils in your homemade soap nourishes your skin and contributes to a non-toxic home.

5. Laundry Solutions

Make your own detergents, fabric softeners, and linen freshening sprays using a few household ingredients and essential oils. Using essential oils in your laundry products helps keep your clothes clean, fresh, and free from harmful chemicals. Lemon essential oil is antibacterial and may remove stains and brighten whites. Lavender also possesses antimicrobial properties and helps freshen and disinfect laundry. You can also select essential oils based on your preferred scent. Follow these recipes to make your own non-toxic laundry solutions at home.

6. Insect Repellant

Making insect repellants with essential oils provides a natural and effective way to ward off pests while avoiding the use of harmful chemicals. Use individual scents or combine multiple essential oils to repel insects. Essential oils that can repel insects like mosquitoes include citronella, peppermint, lemongrass, and cedarwood. You can also purchase our all-natural Bug Gone Fragrance Oil, which is a safe alternative to other insect repellents that use synthetic chemicals or toxins.

7. Air Fresheners

Making an air freshener or diffusing essential oils helps eliminate odors without resorting to synthetic air fresheners. Do this in the main living areas of your home to promote freshness or use it on an as-needed basis. Oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, and pine can help clear the airways and promote respiratory health. Citrus oils like lemon or orange may also be a good option because of their invigorating and fresh citrus scents. You can choose the oils based on scent preferences or therapeutic benefits.

Purchase Essential Oils Wholesale From Bulk Apothecary

Essential oils can help you create a non-toxic home that promotes health, wellness, and sustainability. You can use them to create your own natural cleaning solutions, personal care products, and candles. Bulk Apothecary sells pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils made from the highest-quality ingredients. We purchase all of our products from ethical producers around the world. 100% pure essential oils allow you to harness their full potential and benefits. Make an essential oils wholesale order with Bulk Apothecary to improve the health and safety of your home today.

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