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There are a lot of sicknesses that get passed around from person to person when the weather is cold. While there may be a wide variety of illnesses, none of them are pleasant and no one is immune. There are many different tips and tricks that people will use to ward off the germs, but one very helpful way that people are discovering more and more is the use of essential oils. One of the most popular ways to use essential oils, during these times, is through diffusing with humidifiers. 

Using a Humidifier

When people use a humidifier, it usually is for some sort of issue that is affecting any respiratory problems, which includes the sinuses. The humidifier works to help bring humidity into the dry air that can be hard on these areas, often making any problems feel even worse. Dry air can cause nosebleeds, cracked lips, and cause extreme agitation to someone suffering from something as simple as the common cold.

Diffusing with Humidifiers

Essential oils can aid in the symptoms that one with a cold might be suffering from congestion, sore throat, and sinus pressure. Adding the oils to the humidifier is a simple thing to do and shouldn’t do damage to your machine. In fact, you will only need to do an extra step. When you open the water chamber of your humidifier to fill it up, simply add in anywhere from three to nine drops, depending on the oil you’re using, and then continue to fill it with water. Run the machine as you normally would during the night and you will smell the oils enough to know that they are working.

Almost any kind of oil can be added to a humidifier. The types you add are just a matter of personal preference, or it depends on what symptoms you are trying to treat. If things stop smelling as strongly or you feel like they are no longer working, you can always add in more drops of oil, staying within the three to nine drop range. Cleaning out the humidifier after is also important if any scents continue to linger.

Oils and their Uses


When having lung issues, this is a great oil to diffuse as it can help with the regeneration of lung tissue. It helps to fight bacteria as well as viral infections, making sure that the blood oxygen levels are increased and ready to help fight. This also helps all cells of the body to recover.


Congestion is something that usually accompanies a wide variety of wintertime illnesses and this oil can help to clear it away. The lavender can help alleviate some of the sufferings that you may feel, as well as soothe the respiratory system all around. The immunity of the body will be boosted and the scent of lavender can also promote sleep.


This is another scent that can help to stimulate the immune system. It also cools the body while promoting sweat and reduces the drainage of runny noses. Additionally, it can help with respiratory infections.


Sometimes parents are just looking for something that can help their children to breathe easier during the night. Even adults sometimes wake up during the night when dealing with congestion. Putting some peppermint oil into the humidifier can help to clear sinuses and improve breathing much faster and effectively. This way, sleep comes and stays much easier. However, not everyone enjoys the scent of peppermint, so you can try pine as a great alternate to help get the same results.

Diffusing with humidifiers is a great way to gain benefits that come along with using essential oil and humidifiers at the same time!

Joel Halstead writes about natural living, essential oils and organic health products for Bulk Apothecary. When he isn’t hunting down essential oil recipes or researching aromatherapy, you can find him on the trail or on the water, bike, foot or boat.

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