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Coloring Your Candles

We’ve posted recipes for making candles in the past, but not how to color. The fact is, coloring is easy….

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May Flowers: Calendula Oil and its many uses

Healing Properties There have been a few studies that have shown Calendula Oil can be as beneficial to the skin…

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May Flowers: Amyris Essential Oil, origin and uses

Healing Properties Amyris Essential Oil is also referred to as West Indian Sandalwood oil. It is known to have different…

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May Flowers: Peppermint Calendula Soap Recipe

Hey Bulkers! Today we’ve got a peppermint calendula soap recipe that’s sure to ‘WOW’! It’s simple to make but looks…

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May Flowers: Peppermint Oil, it does it all

Healing Properties Peppermint oil is considered to be one of the most useful and beneficial oils to have on hand….

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May Flowers: Everything About Lavender Oil

Healing Properties Lavender oil is most commonly associated with its smell and therapeutic properties that are helpful when trying to…

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Spring Beauty Tips: Sea Clay Tea Tree Mask Recipe

Today we have a recipe for an easy mud mask. This is fantastic for an at-home facial. You can do…

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Spring Beauty Tips: Hemp & Argan Hair Serum

We have a deep kind of love for Argan Oil. It has so many wonderful beauty benefits that it’s hard…

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Oil Spotlight: Tea Tree

So, I must admit until this past year, I really didn’t know the depth to which essential oils can impact…

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Spring Beauty Tips: Green Tea Eucalyptus Soap

This Green Tea Eucalyptus Soap is not only easy to make, but also very pretty and impressive looking. So, even…

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Step into Spring: Lavender Bud Bath Salts

3 Ingredients. That’s it. That’s all you need to make this lovely relaxing bath soak. Pretty, isn’t it?! After a…

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Step into Spring: Lavender Laundry Sachets

Fresh, clean laundry is a scent that’s hard to beat. Right out of the dryer smelling so sweet. I just…

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Made From the Heart: Dried Rose Petal Bath Salts

I’ve mentioned before that I love giving bath salts as gifts. First of all, they’re easy to mix up and…

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Made From the Heart: Vanilla Rose Petal Cleansing Bar

Doesn’t it sound beautiful? A soap filled with notes of vanilla and sweet botanicals speckled with pink and red rosebuds….

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New Year, New You: Renewing Skin Serum

So, I’m SURE everyone’s heard of Argan Oil. It’s packed into just about every hair product on the market nowadays…

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Get Well Soon: Essential Oils and a Humidifier

There are a lot of sicknesses that get passed around from person to person when the weather is cold. While…