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Our Top 10 Laundry Tips & Tricks for the New Year

There are so, so many things that we can do to increase our wellness but one of the best ways to start is our laundry! 

Follow along with these tips and tricks we’ve compiled to help you have the best, cleanest, nicest clothing you can. 

1. Wash Your Washing Machine

Okay, bear with us here for a second. Your washer needs washed, too. 

How well can it really be cleaning your clothes if it’s got mold and mildew in it? 

Next time, before you throw your clothes in, do a quick wash with just these ingredients: 1/4 cup of white distilled vinegar, 2 tbsps of Baking Soda, and some Lemon Essential oil.

This will get your washing machine all squeaky clean and fresh!

2. Wash With Cold Water

If you’re like me, your mother and grandmother gave you the impression that you have to wash in warm or hot water. 

But the best thing for your clothes to keep their color, get nice and clean, and to help save the environment is to wash everything in cold water. Whites can handle the warm but we recommend only using warm or hot if you’re washing ALL whites. 

3. Ditch the Dryer Sheets

There are so many better options that aren’t super bad for the environment. 

Dryer sheets don’t do very much to reduce odor, they’re mostly for static reduction, and mostly unnecessary and just bad for your carbon footprint. 

Instead, consider a wool dryer ball that you can reuse each time and add essential oils to as well. 

You can also just throw a little ball of tin foil in there. This will reduce the static from the electricity, keep your clothes crisp, and can be used for 1-2 months. 

4. Clean Your Washing Machine Filter

To be honest, until I saw a Tiktok about this, I never even KNEW I had one of these on my washing machine. 

And it needs cleaned, friends. 

On the front of your washer is a little box on the bottom right hand corner. 

When you open it up, it should look like this (picture on the right). It’s going to smell and look disgusting

You might even find some socks you assumed were sacrificed to the laundry gods in there! 

Clean that out with baking soda and peroxide, maybe some distilled white vinegar, and feel better about how clean your house is. 

5. Throw Your Detergent Cap in the Washer

If your laundry detergent cap has been through it and needs a good wash, rinsing it in the sink would be less effective. 

Toss it in the washer with some clothes and enjoy your brand new looking cap!

6. Throw A Clean, Dry Towel in the Dryer

If your clothes are taking forever to dry, first make sure your hose isn’t clogged as it can cause a house fire. 

Then, instead of a second dry cycle, throw in a clean, dry towel to speed up the dry. Your clothes will dry so much faster.

I do this every time!

7. Repurpose Your Dryer Lint

Save an egg carton and save your lint to make little fire starters for camping, bonfires, or your indoor fireplace. 

Who knew a bonfire could smell like Tide Ultra?

8. Never Lose Socks Again

As I mentioned, I swear my socks get sacrificed to laundry gods or something. 

A good trick to prevent losing socks is putting them in mesh bags in the washer and dryer! 

9. Hand-Wash Only?

If you only have a few hand wash items, delicates, or just a bunch of masks, don’t do a whole load just for those! 

Use a salad spinner! Throw your items in there with some castile soap or laundry detergent, baking powder, and vinegar and call it good! 

10. Stinky Gym Clothes

My dad is a runner and we’ve made him start doing this one. 

Store the stinkiest clothes in an airtight container until you have enough for a full load. 

While they’re sitting there, throw some baking soda in the bin to start the deodorizing process. 

There’s only so much Tide Sport can do, you know?

Keep em in one of these bad boys, you can choose ones that go with your laundry room theme, and then pull them out with some tongs when you’re ready!

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