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Candles can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, and creating one provides you with a business opportunity. The right candle-making supplies can help you create aesthetically pleasing candles with various fragrances. Here are the different types of candle making supplies you’ll need:

7 Candle Supplies To Make Candles This Winter

Bulk Apothecary is one of the largest online suppliers of candle and soap-making supplies. We’ve quickly expanded to become the leading supplier of specialty ingredients and superior quality. We offer premium fragrance oils, certified essential oils, and other supplies. If you want to make your candles this season, consider these products from our online store:

Candle Wax

A foundational part of any candle is the candle wax. The quality of your wax can affect the creation process and how well your candle burns. Bulk Apothecary carries soy wax, beeswax, and Paraffin wax. All three options can provide a clean, slow-burning base for your candle. Each wax has different characteristics and prices, and you can choose the wax that works best for your needs.

Fragrance Oils

Infuse your home with warmth and nostalgia by adding seasonal fragrance oils to your candle wax. Some of our featured winter fragrances include “Warm Vanilla Sugar,” “Cinnamon Orange Clove,” and “Authentic Cocoa.” Add a few drops of your fragrance oil to the wax when it’s melted. This creates a candle that infuses the air with a cozy winter scent.

Candle Color Blocks & Liquid Candle Dyes

Colored wax can make your candle look more festive. Bulk Apothecary has both candle color blocks and liquid candle dyes to help you dye the wax your desired color. Candle color blocks can dye any type of wax and are easy to use. If you are trying to achieve the darkest color for your candle, you’ll need at least half a block for almost three pounds of wax.

Each block can be colored with up to ten pounds of wax, and you can choose how vivid of a color you want by adding more or less of a block. If you prefer liquid candle dyes, add color to your wax by adding as many drops as you need to reach your desired color. For bold Christmas candles, consider green or red color blocks. For a general winter color, try blue or a cozy light brown.

Candle Wicks

A high-quality wick can help you achieve a balanced and controlled burn. We carry both CD and wooden wicks in different lengths. Cotton wicks are a classic choice that can easily be added to your wax for an even and bright burn. Wood wicks can produce a soothing crackling sound like a fireplace, enhancing the winter ambiance. 

Candle Molds

Candle molds help you shape your candle into a structured form. For a classic candle shape, we carry a variety of pillar and square molds at various heights. We also carry other unique molds if you are interested in a customized shape, such as a braided rope ball or a spiral cone shape. If you are interested in making candle tarts, we carry winter-themed molds such as snowflakes, fir trees, and pinecones. Candle tarts made with these molds can create a holiday gift for loved ones.


Some candle makers prefer to put their candles in jars instead of molding them into an independent shape. Bulk Apothecary carries a variety of different jars and molds to support both preferences. Our high-quality jars come at some of the best wholesale prices online. Whether you plan to make just a few candles for yourself or multiple as holiday gifts for family and friends, we have options for you. 

Labels and Packaging

After you have made your candles, it’s time to package and label them. You may skip this step if you are only making a few candles for yourself; consider this a convenient way to label your candles so you can tell them apart. If you are gifting some of your candles, labels are a great way to personalize them. We offer labels designed and able to be printed on your home printer. We also carry general sticker labels outlining basic candle safety and burning instructions.

Shop Candle Making Supplies at Bulk Apothecary

Candles can create an aesthetically pleasing ambiance for the winter season. They can also be personalized gifts for family and friends during the holidays. Whether you plan to make multiple candles or create a side business, Bulk Apothecary has the candle making supplies that you need to get started. From wax and fragrance oils to jars and labels, we have all the products to get started at affordable wholesale prices. We use high-quality ingredients from ethical sources and do not sacrifice quality for cost. Start shopping for your candle supplies, and check back for new winter fragrance oils and candle molds.

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