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Working on filling up your kid’s baskets for Easter? Here’s a wonderful recipe for colorful, fruity whipped soaps that will turn any bath time into play time! They’re easy to do and are sure to be a great addition to all of the chocolate and candy on Easter morning!

Easter Whipped Soaps Recipe 2

You’ll need:

Easter Whipped Soaps Recipe 3

For my whipped soaps I’ll be dividing the recipe into three batches, so I’m using a different fragrance and color for each batch. These fragrances are perfect for kids and smell so delicious!

Easter Whipped Soaps Recipe 4

Start by whipping the foaming bath butter until light and fluffy. This is best achieved with an electric mixer. The bath butter will be very firm prior to whipping, but the texture quickly becomes fluffy like frosting.

Easter Whipped Soaps Recipe 5

Divide the mixture into three bowls.

To the first bowl of soap, blend in the color with the electric mixer. You can make yours a soft pastel color by using a small amount of soap coloring, or you can use more for a vibrant shade.

Next, mix in 1 teaspoon of fragrance oil and whip using the blender.

Easter Whipped Soaps Recipe 6

Scoop the mixture into the cone cello bags leaving space at the top and tie tightly with raffia ribbon.

Easter Whipped Soaps Recipe 7

Repeat the steps for the remaining two bowl of soap. For the mixture using Blue Slushy fragrance oil, I colored the soap a bright blue. You can use any color and fragrance combination you’d like- get creative!

Easter Whipped Soaps Recipe 8

A tip for filling each bag evenly without a mess is to fold the bag over your hand (just like you’re filling a frosting bag!). Fill the very bottom first and continue to move the bag up filling a little as you go until you reach the top.

Easter Whipped Soaps Recipe 9

For my last bowl of soap, I used Grape Soda fragrance oil and colored it purple. Kids will love it!

And if you feel extra crafty, you can even add a little glitter to your mixture for a special touch!

Easter Whipped Soaps Recipe 10

Finish each soap with a festive tag and fill your Easter baskets with some bath time fun!

Use in place of bar soap, body wash and even shaving cream. Let the kids paint themselves (and the tub, it wipes right off) with colorful, fruity soaps for extra fun in the bath!

Easter Whipped Soaps Recipe 11

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    1. Glad you like it; 0.5% to 1.5% of fragrance oil can be used to the total recipe’s weight/height. For example, the recipe’s total volume is around 32 oz; if we use the fragrance oil at a rate of 1.5% of 32 oz. that would be 0.48 oz of fragrance oil.

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