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Here’s an easy soap recipe that will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. It’s packed with coconut oil and vitamin E (both totally awesome for the skin) and smells like a tropical pool drink (you know, the ones with the tiny umbrellas!).

This coconut soap is so easy to make and will really make a splash in your shower!

Grab your supplies and try it for yourself!


6 cups clear MP Soap Base

1/3 cup Coconut Oil

2 tablespoons Vitamin E

Caribbean Escape Fragrance Oil

Creamy Coconut Fragrance Oil

Matte Orchid Pigment Powder


In a microwave-safe bowl, melt the soap base, coconut oil, and vitamin e together. Once melted, carefully remove from heat and stir in your fragrance oils. I used 1 tablespoon Caribbean Escape and 1 teaspoon Creamy Coconut.

Next, blend in the pigment powder. Start with a little and completely stir it in, then decide if you need more. This will prevent you from adding too much too soon and ending up with a darker color than you wanted.

Carefully pour the soap mixture into the mold you’re using (I used a silicone rectangular mold) and allow the soap to completely cool and harden.

Once set, unmold the soap and slice if needed. If you’re giving any of your soap away, make sure you check out all of the packaging options Bulk Apothecary has! If you put in the work to make them, make sure they look pretty when you pass them out!

Have fun!


Let us know if you try out this recipe or any others from our blog!

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  1. Hi,

    I really like the tutorial! Just one question. Isn’t it better to add the vitamin e later (together with the fragrance oils), when the soap base is a bit colder. The vitamin e is liquid and should mix quiet easy with the base I think. I am just afraid that the heat isn’t good for the vitamin e.

    Thanks! Regards Joan

  2. Does using this much coconut oil to a M&P base hinder the lather or make it too soft ? Ive never added more than 1 TBL
    per pound of base ? Im interested in hearing the results 🙂 Thank you so much !

  3. We made this yesterday and finished around 4pm. It’s now 7:30am the next day and it is still not hardened? Why is this and how would you suggest we fix it?

    1. Hi, Brenda! Unfortunately, this recipe has an error and should not have included that much coconut oil. It should have been 1/3 cup maximum. If you have another block of melt and pour, we recommend placing that block along with the soap that is not hardening into a heat safe bowl. Melt it again using the double boiling method (place bowl of soap base over a boiling pot of water until melted, stirring frequently). Then, you could pour this mixture into the molds and try again.
      We apologize for the inconvenience as this is an old recipe that someone must not have conducted a proper test on.
      Thank you for your patience!

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