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By now I’m sure you know that I LOOOOOOVE a good scrub! This Lime Coconut Sugar Scrub recipe is no exception. The sugar gently scrubs away dry, dead skin while the coconut oil bathes your body in moisture. And the lime scent? Oh-so perfect for a refreshing summer fragrance! It’s a perfect little combo, friends!

Grab your supplies and let’s get this Lime Coconut Sugar Scrub going!



Begin by mixing the mica powder into the sugar. You’ll only need a pinch of color because as you add in the oils, the color will deepen.

Next, add the coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and lime essential oil to the sugar mixture. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature and will melt with skin contact. To mix it into the sugar you can either mash it little by little with a wooden spoon (it will slowly soften and blend into the mixture), or you can heat it slightly to soften it and mix it quicker.

Continue to mix and mash together the ingredients until all have been evenly incorporated and you’re left with a beautiful, bright green sugar mix.

You’re done when the mixture looks like a brighter version of soft guacamole (but smells like sweet, citrusy limes).

Scoop the sugar scrub mixture into lidded containers (I used mason jars because I love them!) and use as need to polish your skin to smooth perfection!

Let us know if you try out this recipe or any others from our blog!

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  1. How does this keep..Do we need to store it in the fridge and how long will it keep….Also what about shipping? Does it ship O K

    1. There is not preservative in the recipe, so it is designed to be used within 2 weeks. We would also recommend packaging very tight/carefully as the scrub is loose, so you just want to make sure it doesn’t leak if shipping!

  2. Where does one find woodland green mica powder, lime essential oil, sweet almond oil, and the coconut oil to make this? Coconut oil comes in solids and it is not clear what type this recipe uses.

  3. Re: Sugar scrubs and Salt scrubs
    I would like to extend the shelf life by adding a preservative. What do I look for on your site for a preservative and how long does it extend the life of scrubs? Making these as gifts.

  4. you mentioned I can add a preservative to the scrubs to last longer but what kind of preservative can I add and how much do I add…thanks looking forward to trying some of these wonderful recipes and making some as gifts so I need them to last longer than 2 weeks..thanks karrie

      1. thanks for your responce…i’m not clear on how much to use of the preservative, for this recipe should I use 1 tsp, 1 tablespoon?
        thanks karrie

        1. Hi Karrie!

          This recipe can make around 16 oz of the scrub. You can find 1 % of 16 oz. which would be 0.16 oz. and add that amount of preservation to the mixture.

          Happy creating!

  5. How much sweet almond oil and lime essential oil are used in this recipe? For some reason I’m seeing question marks instead of numbers there. Also, if using fragrance oil instead of essential oil, how much would be recommended?

    1. For best use, we recommend 2 weeks; if you can guarantee that no moisture or water will enter the scrub, you are free to use it for as it lasts.

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