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If you want to try your hand at making your own soap— whether for a one-time unique gift or to start your own soap-making business— you’ll want the right soap making supplies on hand for your venture. You can find high-quality supplies including a variety of scents, materials, and tools, at Bulk Apothecary.

Get Started Right

Whether you intend to make one soap or one hundred, you need to start the right way. Bulk Apothecary provides only the highest quality supplies to ensure your soaps meet expectations. If you are a beginner in this craft, we also offer books to help you learn all there is to know about soap making. Once you have an idea of the kinds of soaps you want to make, you can browse our products to help you decide on the right supplies to stock up on. Here is a list of items to consider purchasing for your soap-making process.

Soap Bases

Your soap base is where it all starts. The type of base you choose impacts the results you get— each base offers different benefits, or is tailored to fit different purposes. For example, goat milk bases are ideal for softening your skin while soaps with a shea butter base are known to lather up more. When you choose an oatmeal base, you can create a soap that is great for exfoliation and nutrient-rich rejuvenation. You’ll find nearly 40 types of soap bases for your soap at Bulk Apothecary.

We provide products from Stephenson and SFIC, two of the top companies for soap-making supplies. This allows us to provide a large selection of products to help you make soaps for any target market.

Soap Molds

Bulk Apothecary has the perfect soap molds for your projects. Choose a basic mold to create your soap, or look for a more decorative design to show off your creativity with the finished product. Most of our molds are plastic and silicone, as these are easy to handle and safe to work with. We also have wood loaf molds and miter boxes for more versatility.

Our molds come in a range of sizes. You can select a small four-inch mold if you want to make just one bar of soap, or a ten- or 12-inch mold to create multiple soap bars at once. With decorative molds, you can personalize your soaps for intended audiences, like animal soap molds for the animal lover. Kids will love the exciting (and relaxing!) experience of bath bombs, which you can create with our bath bomb molds. You’ll find a mold for just about every interest!

Extra Ingredients to Make Your Soaps Fun

Once you have the basic soap making supplies, add some visual interest to your homemade soaps. While plain white or cream-colored soaps are nice for their aesthetic simplicity, you can add some beautiful, natural, vibrant colors for a product that stands out!

Bulk Apothecary sells natural mica colors that maintain and even highlight the full-natural beauty of your ingredients. You can also use soap color bars to color the soap base. Choose vibrant colors like cobalt blue, red oxide, lavender oxide, and woodland green pigment powder.

Essential Oils

While a soap’s first job is to get you clean, it can also help promote moods or health benefits. For instance, add lavender vanilla oils to help you relax after a bath. Warm vanilla sugar is always a popular choice with its soothing fragrance. Cedar leather adds a masculine touch for the man in your life or for male customers.

Bulk Apothecary provides a wide range of fragrance oils to enhance your soaps. Choose baby powder for a subtler fragrance or eucalyptus spearmint to wake you up. We even carry fragrance oils that are similar to well-known retail stores, such as cherry blossom or lemongrass and tea tree.

You’ll find popular selections such as lilacs and lilies, cucumber melon, and sandalwood. We also carry some more unique options to scent your soaps with, such as coconut ginger almond, buttercream icing, and coconut lime verbena.

Packaging Your Soaps

Once you’ve completed the process of soap making, you’ll want to wrap them up in attractive packaging! This adds to the visual appeal of your product, and conveys a sense of professionalism to your customers or recipients. Bulk Apothecary helps you round out the perfect product with professional packaging.

Shrink wrap bags protect your soaps and help keep them fresh by preventing any air from accessing the product. These bags can be clear or decorative. Soap boxes create a stylish but simple packaging solution for your soaps while burlap bags add a distinct, natural touch. If you want a more elegant look, consider organza bags.

You’ll want to create a name for your soap and include your company name on each item. Our Kraft Labels allow you to put your own logo and name on your products. Just place them on top of your soap box or bag to ensure everyone who buys your soaps remembers where they came from!

Choose Quality Soap Making Supplies

Your goal is for customers or recipients to rave about the quality, presentation, and effects of your soaps. To achieve this, start with quality soap-making supplies from Bulk Apothecary. We are particular about which companies we work with to ensure all our products are of the highest quality.

As one of the nation’s largest suppliers of natural ingredients and soap making supplies, we have grown from the small brick-and-mortar store where we started. Still, we maintain the resolute dedication to quality and customer service that we’ve always held.

We never sacrifice quality for the price, and we source all our ingredients from ethical suppliers. We appreciate each customer and strive to answer all your questions. Your success as a soap maker is our success as the supplier of quality ingredients.

Check out all the products and ingredients at Bulk Apothecary to help you choose the items for your own process. We want to be your trusted partner and provider to ensure you produce quality soaps you can be proud of for your own customers.

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