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Shopping for aromatherapy fans sometimes seems like an easy, obvious task. Gifting another set of essential oils makes sense, but there are more options than just buying essential oils wholesale. There are many options regarding aromatherapy gifts, with many different products falling under the umbrella. The wide selection of aromatherapy items and ingredients available now means you can give many personalized, unique gifts to your loved ones.

Display Containers

As an aromatherapy collection grows, the desire to display it does too. The charming packaging of products like soaps, essential oils, candles, and potpourri can provide unique decor for your home. Many aromatherapy products can remain on display even while in use. A nice display container or two can help enhance the aesthetic of the products, marking them as accents or centerpieces. Rustic wooden dough bowls, or a simple 2-slat crate can display a handful of favorite aromatherapy items. A wide mouth pail with filler in the bottom can also work as a nice display. Gifts like these can help with both exhibiting and organization of aromatherapy collections.

Incense & Sage

Sometimes underrated as aromatherapy tools, incense and sage can both bring a sense of cleansing and peace to any room in the home. Gifting incense or sage can be a great way to introduce an aromatherapy enthusiast in your life to a new experience. By setting the incense or sage to smoke lightly, they can quickly spread a relaxing aroma in the home. A gift of incense or sage can also be paired with a receptacle to keep them in as they burn.

Essential Oils Wholesale

Sometimes all you need is the basic oils in large quantities. A bulk supply of their favorite oils or fragrances is a great gift for almost any enthusiast. Gifting a replenished stock of essential oils means less that they’ll have to buy for themselves, which is especially useful if aromatherapy is more of a business than a hobby for them. This way, they can use the oils themselves without having to use their business stock. Remember, with essential oils wholesale purchases, it’s prudent to first find out what kinds of essential oils your enthusiast wants or uses most.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Salt lamps are excellent for creating ambiance. A few salt lamps in a space can quickly create a more natural feeling environment. This effect can be altered depending on the style of the lamp. The classic “stalagmite” style has irregular sides and edges, usually climbing to a point at the top. These offer a more natural feel. Orb and cone lamps smoothly combine the natural feeling of the texture and color of the lamp with the sense of order implied by their human design. Another style that makes a great gift are the “abundance bowl” lamps. Patterned after abundance bowls for food, these bowls still function as lamps, and contain loose pieces of rock salt. The loose salt still carries the glow of the lamps, but the pieces can be removed for display, or meditation.

Aromatherapy Books

If you’re gifting to someone just beginning their aromatic journey, one or two books on aromatherapy topics can be a great way to let them immerse themselves at their own pace. Books about how and when to use certain aromatherapy products are excellent for beginners and pair well with other products. Books can also be excellent gifts for experienced enthusiasts delving into more complex aromatherapy practices, like home-crafting soaps or fragrances.

Raw Ingredients

Raw ingredients can be a good gift for the aromatherapy creators in your life. You can gift them the materials to recreate their favorite products, or to try something new they might have mentioned. An experienced crafter will likely enjoy a large batch of ingredients, while you can give someone new a small batch. This way a novice crafter can experiment without worrying about wasting materials. The ingredients we offer at Bulk Apothecary cover products from candles, to soaps, to homebrew beers.

Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are a treat for that time of day when people look forward to relaxing. A nice bath bomb can help an ordinary bath become a therapeutic or meditative experience. They’re also a great option for those needing last minute gift ideas. Popular gift choices are bath bomb variety sets, which let people try multiple scents and styles of bath bomb.

Showing You Care

Whichever product you choose as an aromatherapy gift, what matters most is conveying your care for its recipient. The varied selection at Bulk Apothecary means that you can easily find something meaningful and something your loved will remember. Display containers are also perfect for those who love to display their oils when they’re not using them. Whether you’re giving old favorites, or getting something new, visit Bulk Apothecary to find just the right gift for the aromatherapy enthusiast in your life.

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