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Have you tried the silicone ball soap molds yet? You need to! They make the cutest little hand soaps that look just like gum balls!

Adorable, right?!

I made mine a light pink color and scented them with Lucky Charms fragrance oil (which I love!).

Grab your supplies and I’ll show you just how to make them.

Lucky Charms Hand Soap Recipe 2

You’ll need:

½- ¾ lb. MP Soap Base

Shimmer Red/Blue MP Color Block

Lucky Charms Fragrance Oil

Small and Medium Silicone Ball Soap Molds

Lucky Charms Hand Soap Recipe 3

I’m telling you, this smells just like a big bowl of Lucky Charms. So good!

Lucky Charms Hand Soap Recipe 5

Begin by placing the cubed soap base and the color block in a microwave-safe measuring cup. You’ll need the spout for pouring since the openings of these soap molds are very narrow.

Lucky Charms Hand Soap Recipe 6

Heat the soap and color block in short intervals, stirring in between, until all of the cubes have melted into a smooth liquid.

Remove from the microwave and stir well to blend the color evenly through the mixture.

Lucky Charms Hand Soap Recipe 7

Add in 1 teaspoon of fragrance oil and stir again.

Lucky Charms Hand Soap Recipe 8

Slowly and carefully pour the soap mixture into each mold, filling to the top (but not overflowing).

Lucky Charms Hand Soap Recipe 9

Allow the soaps to cool and harden completely (a few hours).

Lucky Charms Hand Soap Recipe 10

When ready, peel the mold away from each soap ball and pop out. These came out really easily so you should have no trouble at all!

Package a few of each size in clear cello bags and finish with a brown kraft label.

That’s it!

So simple, right?! These little soaps are adorable and PERFECT for kids! They will love them!


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  1. Enjoyed! Will return to this site! We have a lot of young retire’es around here,always looking for something good. New, fresh!!! and i kno we dont have a store anytging like ir? Do you have a catalog available to public?

    1. Glad to enjoyed! We do not have a paper catalog, but you can find detailed information about the products we sell on our website.

  2. I ‘m not sure how much of the soap to use and it is showing blocks mine came in one solid block. so how much do you use of the color block and soap to make just the small molds. Some of your recipes don’t really give good instructions. But I do love your products and will continue to order, just wish you had better instructions o some of your recipes. The one that calls out for coffee grounds how much of that and can it be any type of coffee grounds.

    1. Thank you for the feedback.

      We do not have an accurate measurement for just the small molds, as this recipe was posted with the intention that readers would use both the small and medium molds; however, a good start would be using around 2 oz of the melted soap base and a quarter of the color block.

      Regarding the coffee grounds please post a comment in that blog post for assistance.

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