Sore Muscle Roll-On Stick Recipe

Many of us are living healthier lifestyles these days. Maybe it was a New Year’s resolution or maybe it was just time for a change. Regardless, a change for the better typically means cleaner eating habits and a good exercise routine. With summer here, many of us are itching to take our regimes outdoors!

Running, cycling, hiking, climbing- there are so many ways to get in a good workout while enjoying the great outdoors. But with switching up your workout and opting for a change of scenery, you also chance the more rugged terrain leaving your muscles sore and achy as they adapt to the new routine.

A great solution to combating aches and pains is to carry a soothing muscle rub mixture. Essential oils can be a wonderful option for easing muscle tension and when packed into a small roll-on tube, can be a convenient on-the-go answer for outdoor exercise.

Sore Muscle Roll-On

1 ounce Carrier Oil

2 drops Lavender Essential Oil

2 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

Rollon Tube (Glass or Plastic)

Combine ingredients in a rollon tube and shake to combine. Roll mixture over areas of muscle ache and massage into skin. Repeat as needed. Shake before each use.

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