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At Bulk Apothecary, we cherish our maker community deeply. We continually strive to support your business growth and address any challenges that may arise. This guide is crafted to assist you in perfecting the art of lip balm making in Kraft Tubes. First, we will share our top ingredients, helpful troubleshooting tips, and innovative products. In addition, following the launch of our new eco-friendly Kraft lip balm tubes, we’ve listened closely to your feedback to ensure we provide the best products and solutions. 

Favorite Ingredients

The magic of lip balm making lies in the blend of ingredients. Here’s a breakdown of our favorite components and their benefits to help you start your lip balm crafting journey:

  • Beeswax: Essential for its moisture-locking properties, beeswax also offers antibacterial benefits and natural sun protection due to its water-repellent properties. It’s perfect for adding durability and elasticity to your lips.

  • Coconut Oil: Whether you opt for our organic variety with a 76-degree melting point or the 92-degree type for warmer climates, coconut oil is an excellent choice. Its moisturizing and healing properties, provide a natural protective barrier.

  • Shea Butter: Known for its ability to block UV rays, shea butter is a natural antioxidant rich in fatty acids and cinnamic acid, which help protect and repair the skin’s barrier, reduce inflammation, and keep lips plump and youthful.

  • Unscented Lip Balm Base: To simplify the process, we offer the perfect melt-and-pour base to get you started. This base is perfect alone or you can customize it with your favorite additives and scents. 
  • Kraft Lip Tubes: Our Kraft Lip Balm Tubes not only support sustainable packaging with their food-grade inner wax lining but also ensure your creation remains perfectly intact. As one of the largest manufacturers in the country, we offer competitive prices on these eco-friendly tubes.

  • Fragrances and Flavors: Explore our vast selection of fragrance Oils, all natural fragrances, essential oils, and flavors to add a signature touch to your lip balm creations.

how to make Lip Balm

Foolproof Lip Balm in Kraft Tubes

To assist you in creating flawless lip balms, we’ve developed some straightforward tips based on common questions and our testing:

  1. Tube Preparation: Use a chopstick to ensure the disk at the bottom of each tube is firmly in place with the wax side up.

  2. Filling the Tubes: Utilize our custom-made filling trays that accommodate 50 tubes at a time. This design prevents leaking, even when the Kraft material swells or contracts due to humidity and temperature changes. Ensure the tubes are fully inserted into the tray to prevent any external staining.

  3. Preventing Leaks: To avoid leakage from the push-up bottom, begin by filling the tube about 10% with lip balm base at the lowest temperature possible (140°F/60°C or below). Allow this layer to semi-set before completing your pour at a slightly higher temperature.

  4. Avoiding Indents/Air Tunnels: Fill the tubes in 1/3 stages, allowing each layer to cool before adding more, or conduct a second pour to eliminate any air pockets.

  5. Ensuring Lid Fit: If lids don’t fit properly due to swelling, simply swap the lids with other tubes to find the right fit.

Eco Friendly Lip Balm Kraft Tubes

The best way to master lip balm making is through experimentation. Get creative with different ingredients to find your signature blend. Remember, each attempt is a learning opportunity, leading you closer to perfection. Once you’ve honed your craft, we’re here to assist with custom labels so you can share your lip balm masterpieces with the world. Happy Lip Balm Making! 

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