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Many of our customers inquire about our best selling fragrance oils, and for great reason. They want the best for their business! The truth is, only you know what is best for your business or your own personal needs, but it is our hope that in sharing our best sellers, it gives you a place for the rubber to meet the road if you are still undecided.

We’ve compiled a list of our top ten best selling fragrance oils for you. Enjoy!

Lavender Vanilla

Lavender has been a classic scent for decades now, but it’s no secret that there are some people who find its aroma to be off-putting. On its own, lavender can be a sharp, herbaceous floral that may be overpowering. However, when you wrap those purple buds up in the warmth of vanilla, a lovely accord is achieved. Our Lavender Vanilla fragrance oil has the perfect balance of these two elements. I just love the creaminess of the vanilla that envelops the purple lavender buds in this fragrance. As a matter of fact, one of the most popular melt and pour soap recipes includes the beauty of this fragrance. Find the recipe here!

Check out our Lavender Vanilla fragrance oil and its reviews to see what other customers are saying!

Bay Rum

Yet another timeless fragrance that goes back generations. This fragrance oil captures the aroma of the West Indian bay tree and mingles with spicy notes of cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Its mingling notes of jasmine and citrus add even further complexity to this aromatic wonder. This is a masculine fragrance that even the ladies love. This fragrance oil works well in all personal care applications as long as proper IFRA rates are followed. If you are looking to make a men’s soap but aren’t sure where to start, I highly recommend including this fragrance in your considerations.

Check out our Bay Rum fragrance oil and its reviews to see what other customers are saying!

Frankincense and Myrrh

Earthy, musky and rich, this is yet another fantastic unisex fragrance. Though based on our data its popularity in personal care products rises during the holiday season, it’s notes of pine, sage and patchouli make for a lovely year-round scent. For the beginner or customer who is trying to remain budget-friendly, this is a great fragrance oil to experiment with before jumping into Frankincense and Myrrh essential oils.

Check out our Frankincense and Myrrh fragrance oil and its reviews to see what other customers are saying!


I’m sure a lot of you have already guessed that Lavender fragrance oil would definitely be in our top ten sellers! Many customers opt to use Lavender fragrance oil due to its lower price point than Lavender essential oil. The fragrance captures the herbaceous, floral aroma of sweet little lavender buds. Close your eyes and allow this fragrance to take you to a vast purple lavender field with crystal clear blue skies. Allow this classic aroma to transform your candles, soaps and any other personal care products you’re concocting. A definite crowd-pleaser!

Check out our Lavender fragrance oil and its reviews to see what other customers are saying!

Warm Vanilla Sugar (Our Version)

Mmm… creamy vanilla wrapped up in a bouquet of toasted brown sugar. Our warm and cozy version of this popular fragrance has been a customer favorite for years. The vanillin content in this fragrance oil may cause products to discolor to a slight beige/brown, but as long as you plan your color scheme accordingly, you shouldn’t have any issues working with this fragrance oil.

Check out our Warm Vanilla Sugar (Our Version) fragrance oil and its reviews to see what other customers are saying!


Not only is this fragrance oil pleasing, but it’s also potent and our customers love it because a little goes a long way. The velvety white petals of this delicate flower provide an uplifting classic scent that work very well in soap, lotion and candles. Try blending this with other floral fragrance oils to concoct your own captivating summer dream garden.

Check out our Gardenia fragrance oil and its reviews to see what other customers are saying!

Oatmeal, Milk and Honey

Doesn’t the name of this fragrance oil just sound comforting? Be it an addition to an oatmeal-infused bath bomb or a bar of cold process soap, this warm delicious scent is sure to please most everybody with its warm, sweet scent. Try this one in a goat’s milk soap base! This fragrance oil contains vanillin, meaning it may discolor the final product to a beige/brown hue.

Often referred to as simply “OMH” among soapers, the fact that this scent has its own acronym among the community speaks volumes to its popularity. 

Check out our Oatmeal, Milk and Honey fragrance oil and its reviews to see what other customers are saying!


Another scent that has held steady for generations is that of the sweet rose. Our Rose fragrance oil encompasses that of the beloved fresh, flowery red rose. Picture walking through a rose garden on a lush spring day – it’s simply timeless. This fragrance has a sweet undertone making it appealing to even those who typically dislike rose or floral fragrances. Our customers love to use this in all applications! I used this in our Winter Rose Soap recipe tutorial and it became an instant hit!

Check out our Rose fragrance oil and its reviews to see what other customers are saying!

Honey Almond

This rich fragrance is such a perfect balance of golden honey and sweet, creamy, nutty almond. Due to its unisex appeal, this is an excellent pick for both men and women. This is an especially popular choice among our customers for applications such as lotions and body butters. To whip up a quick body butter, try adding a few drops of this fragrance to some shea butter and then whip it using a hand mixer. Absolutely delightful!

Check out our Honey Almond fragrance oil and its reviews to see what other customers are saying!


Native to warm, tropical regions, the aroma of this seductive and enchanting fragrance has been revered for years for having romantic and healing effects. This fragrance works beautifully in all applications, and like Gardenia, also makes for a great floral note to blend and experiment. Jasmine is one of the most popular notes in modern day perfumery.

Check out our Jasmine fragrance oil and its reviews to see what other customers are saying!

What’s your favorite fragrance oil? Have you tried any of our bestsellers? Leave us a comment below!

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  1. One time, my yaya mixed some bay rum fragrance into her mojito and drank it with some aloe vera liquid. Her tongue swelled up good and she kicked my cat down the stairs.

  2. Everybody loves Amazing Grace. I need to order more because I use it as well…made a rrally wonderful soap. I actually love this and the J. Lo Glow dupe is spectacular!!

  3. Hi!
    Well I cannot get my favorite fragrance anymore! So sad, I absolutely loved the Cassia Amber fragrance . I have only found one place that sells an oil called cassia Amber . Anybody have suggestions of a fragrance that’s similar or a combination of oils that would get close.

  4. I am thinking about trying some of these items on this site. I have never heard of this site before. It has so many products and information on bath and body works and fragrances. When I am able to purchase a house, I will surely be back to this site. I love lavender smells personally.

    1. While we do not have your typical retail store you are more than welcome to come to our warehouse location Monday-Friday 9:00AM to 4:00PM EST; an appointment is unnecessary. We have a conference room setup with a kiosk where you will be able to place your order at, and you would be see and sample the items before you buy them.

  5. Has anyone used fragrance oils in shower melts/steamers? The only “recipes” I see for them use essential oils, but I’d like to try some more original scents…

  6. Love the Amazing Grace Fragrance Oil. Amazing Grace is my favorite scent, and I used it for many years. I was very disappointed when it was sold to Cody and the fragrance was not the same. Your Amazing Grace Fragrance Oil is wonderful, and I use it all the time.

  7. Your Sweet On Paris Bath and Body Works dupe is so amazing. Like literally, it is spot on with the exact same scent as the discontinued fragrance. I can’t believe how amazing it is lol. Thank you!

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